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Factors Influencing Perception on Same-sex marriage in the American Society Essay

Abstract The topic of the same-sex marriage has attracted heated debate over the years in the USA. The protagonists and antagonists of this marriage institution have always clashed over the tenet of the same-sex marriage against the moral standards of the society. This paper supports the argument that marriage of homosexual couples should be allowed holding this view as a dependent variable.

Through case study research, this paper explores the independent variables of gender, ethnicity and religious affiliation and their influence on homosexual marriage. The scope of the research is restricted to perceptions of the participants of the research case studies on homosexual marriage.

Introduction In defining homosexual marriage, anthropologists formulate valid cross-cultural variations of modern and traditional forms. Same-sex marriage, just like any other form of marriage, is a union of two adults, though of the same sex, in a domestic arrangement with each member having defined roles to play. Over the years, homosexual couples have raised debates in the conservative American society (Baker, 2010).

Specifically, religious and conservative groups have been the most active in opposing homosexual couples getting married (Hunter, 2012). Despite these divergent opinions, homosexual couples have spread across several states of the USA and is now legal in the states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont and Massachusetts (Sherkat, Vries

Effect of advertising on people Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction Global market is increasingly becoming competitive. To sustain this competition, companies develop differentiation strategies. Advertising is an old marketing tool used to promote products. However, advertising has a lot of impacts on society. It may negatively or positively affect people. As a growing strategy in business, advertising influences society’s perception. Therefore, the purpose of this report is to describe the research procedure and discuss the effects of advertising on people.

Methods Internet research

Through desktop research, the study explored various articles on different websites. These websites include The CEO Insight, smallbusiness.chron, and other social networks, such as Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter.


Survey was used to carry deep and extensive assessment of advertising on people. Therefore, surveys with questionnaires were distributed among the sample population that included university students between the ages of 18 to 24 years. Out of 80 surveys, students completed 30 percent.


Conducted to define both positive and negative effects of advertisement on people, an interview with Beth Ellis shed some light on the problem. An advertisement agent, a marketer and a has-been head of a business faculty, she answered the following questions in the course of the interview:

What are the mechanisms of advertising?

What are the major changes in advertising in the 2010s?

What and whom are the XXI century advertising strategies targeted at?

What are the impacts of advertising on people’s economical behavior?

What are the impacts of advertising on people’s culture and identity?

Results Internet findings

From different articles from the Internet, it is evident that advertising has been successful for many years. However, the academic argument notes that it has harmful effects on the society (Eisend, 2013). There are a lot of lies in advertising because the presentations are not realistic. Companies strive to make people live the world as presented in the media. Therefore, people have become inclined to the message presented in the media and fail to perceive the world in their own way.

From an article written by Lee, Park and Han (2011), “brain surgery” is a metaphor that means the impact of advertising on society. Advertising touches each aspect of our life (Batra, Myers