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Ethics in Public Administration. Case 2 – Paul’s Scenario Essay

Outline Introduction.

Main Body

Principles defining each character.

Implementation of the traditional ethical thinking skills.

Utilization of the ethical triangle.


The ethical approaches need to be combined for the purpose of more effective decision-making in public administration. The elements of the ethical triangle may be used as filters for ethical analysis of the situations and appropriate decision making. Kent Chartwell, Marion Meriwether and Winston Battle in case 2 Paul’s scenario are examples of Peter, Mary and Paul schemes of human behavior.

Only combining the three traditional ethical approaches (virtue, principle and consequences) and acting in accordance to the ethics triangle, the mayor could achieve the greatest good for the greater number.

Interacting with Marion Meriwether and Winston Battle, Mayor Chartwell had to deal with specialists possessing Mary and Paul charts of competence. Thus, being competent, enthusiastic and creative but not promoted, Marion is an example of Mary scheme of professional behavior.

Actually, she retrains, knows all the angles of the sphere, generates brilliant ideas, and does all the work, but her contribution seems to remain unnoticed because she is offered to be an assistant or co-director but not to take the lead.

Winston Battle is an example of Paul competence chart. On the one hand, this employee lacks creativity and enthusiasm. On the other hand, he is reluctant to work on the project and seems to be tired and over burnt. It is possible that he has performed well in the past but he is absolutely useless, running the summer recreational program.

The virtue, principles and consequences approaches have been implemented by the participants of the scenario. Mayor Chartwell decides on the principle approach, insisting on leaving Battle as the director of the program, supposing that if an individual has been appointed for the position, he must have deserved it and can do his best, contributing to the greatest good.

Marion Meriwether used the virtue approach, intuitively defining measures that can be beneficial for improving the project and enhancing its effectiveness. The consequences approach has been chosen by Battle as he was not interested in the process and its details.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He used the summer program for padding his personal payroll and being informed that he would have to make some efforts for making the program more effective, decided to leave the project. Thus, overutilizing a single model, each of the characters would have failed to reach the greatest good.

Only using the ethic triangle can help to balance virtue, balance and consequences approaches and to promote the public interest. Thompson

Independent Study Courses Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction Education has for a long time been termed as the universal “key to success”. It is through a good education that we equip ourselves with the best skills both mentally and physically so as to yield positive results in our journey for success.

However, education without direction is not effective and as such, it is of equal importance that one understands his/her strengths and weaknesses in order to balance them so as to achieve the best results in all his/her endeavor.

The purpose of this proposal shall be to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of independent study courses for Non-Traditional students.

The undertaking shall focus on Non-Traditional students who would like to enroll in these programs and analyze the extent to which these independent study courses are applicable and effective in relation to safe guarding the development, performance and survival of the students against the unpredictable employment market trends and competition brought about by the different variables that exist in the world today.

The evaluation of these factors shall be done through the use of interviews and questionnaires where various students and educators shall be encouraged to participate in a bid to find the disadvantages and advantages that can be accrued from these courses and how that decision may affect the overall future performance.

Thereafter Suitable solutions shall also be addressed as pertaining to the disadvantages and limitations that may arise as a result of pursuing these courses.

The study shall utilize the descriptive correlation method of research to effectively provide answers to the following question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of independent study course for Non-Traditional students? An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) shall be used to evaluate the costs and benefits that are present in these courses and at the same time to pin point the major concerns raised by the participants in regard to the application of these courses in future endeavors.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Data collected shall at the end help in establishing the extent to which the decision to enroll in this courses is beneficial or not to the overall performance welfare of the students.

Background of the Study

There has been an increase in the number of educational institutions offering independent study courses globally. This has been as a result of increased competition, rapid technological advancement and the need to expand the market base by various institutions (Burke