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Ethical issues in schools within Jefferson County Essay

Introduction In the recent years, cases of students cheating in schools have become rampant at very high levels. The significant increase in this vice among high school students has become a bitter pill to swallow not only in this county but also in almost all other districts, states and countries throughout the world.

This paper will discuss this issue from an ethical basis and the impact it has had over the academic standards of most institutions.

It will also discuss probable causes, solutions and lastly give recommendations on how the issue of cheating within the student community can be minimized. The paper will be chiefly based on public schools within Jefferson County.

Cheating in schools To start with, cheating within high school students has been chosen as an ethical issue. This is due to the fact that the students fail to play their part in the learning process and instead use other sinister means to make sure that their work is complete.

It is commonplace nowadays to find students using the current sophistication in technology in making sure that their class work has been done to perfection.

As much as the relevant authority is aware that this issue is recurrent within learning institutions, exposure to technology like the use of the internet has made the trade a lot simpler for the students.

They are now able to access any material they want from the internet through websites which specialize in the trade, encyclopedias and thousands of other material. This constant use of current technology to enhance academic excellence is known as cyber-cheating (Josephson, 1998)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Considering the behavior in a more ethical perspective, there ensues a very big debatable matter on the major roles that should be played by the school management and also the school’s staff in making sure that they get their student community prepared with the required information and skills to be better members of the communal workforce. This means that the approaches that have been erstwhile insisted to be used by various schools should thus be shifted from the traditional modes for the future success of the students.

This can be through avoiding just traditionally transmitting facts to students but making sure that they get to interact with the systems through which they are learning or the material which is being fed to them (Fulton, 1997). This will instill some relevance into what the students are learning.

Basing on rebellion towards academic integrity, many students have been found to have cheated in more than enough cases. This has ranged from copying internet material which on the other hand goes without proper citations among others. The question of cheating from technology has become so simplified that the vice is getting its way into elementary schools (JCPS, 2010).

In most high schools in the Jefferson County, students get engaged in websites which sell the papers and later submit in the work to their teachers claiming that it is their own piece of work.

In a research done by the educational communications (1998), 80% of high school students who got interviewed admitted that they had at least been involved in exam cheating in order to have their grades improve.

Among those who took part in the survey, over 50% did not see much ado in the act. This shows how serious the vice has infiltrated into our schooling system (Underwood

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