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Energy and Environmental Policies Essay

Laws are meant to regulate how people behave towards each other. The laws are developed by legislatures and thus they are called policies. There are policies which have been put in place to ensure that we don’t destroy our environment.

This is because our livelihood on this planet depends on the environment because if we don’t take good care of it in future we may not be able to obtain our resources from the environment. The policies that were established concerning energy and environment are referred to as energy and environmental policies. This paper focuses on the reasons behind the development of the above policies and the steps that are being taken to implement them.

Energy is very important to us because without it our industries can not operate. The discovery of oil was welcomed with lots of whining and dining and in fact countries that produce oil are fancied by many because their economies are normally stable. The demand for oil is always on the increase every other day because factories are being established daily. In addition, the same oil is used for domestic purposes in form of kerosene and as well as in automobiles (Cochran et al., 2009).

Morvay and Gvozdenac (2008) explains that there are various forms of energy such as wind and chemical, but as for now research has established that energy in form of oil has been causing more harm to the environment than the other forms. This is because when this oil is heated it results in emission of carbon dioxide into the environment which is expressed as pollution because it damages the ozone layer.

Moreover, it leads to acid rain which is very destructive. When the waste from oil is deposited into the environment it endangers our lives because if the toxins come into contact with water bodies our food reserves are at a risk of being extinguished due to the fact that we can no longer eat sea food, neither can we get adequate crop harvests. It is in this regard that governments have come up with policies that aim at safeguarding our environment. The other forms of energy are being utilized because they are least likely to be harmful.

For instance solar energy is very effective and efficient because it does not require any processing and in fact the only thing that is required is storage of this energy. But storage should not be a problem because solar batteries are able to store solar energy which can be used in future. Most government and private entities buildings are being fitted with solar panels that are used as source of electric power.

The energy derived from the sun is easy to convert into electricity because one only needs to use an inverter which converts solar energy into electricity. In fact there are some automobile manufacturers that have already developed a pilot model vehicle that’s powered by solar energy but then they are still working on the project. Another alternative source of energy is wind which is readily available (Morgenstern

Cheating on College Exams is Demoralizing Cause and Effect Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction Cheating on exams is a violation of school’s policies. The research focuses on the effect of cheating on the college exams. The research discusses three distinct effects of cheating on the college exams. Cheating on the college exams is demoralising.

Another Test Will Uncover the Dishonest Act.

After passing the exams, Tim West (West, 2004) emphasized that another test will uncover the cheating activity. Normally, the teacher doubts the cheating student’s high college exam score. Consequently, the teacher may investigate the truthfulness of the student’s high college test score. The teacher may conduct another test to determine the validity of the student’s high score. The follow-up quiz shows strong evidence of the cheating occurrence.

Cheating shames the students.

Depending on the cheating student’s cultural background, Tibbetts (1999) reiterated that the teacher’s spotting of the cheating in progress brings shame on the student involved. Normally, the teacher takes the cheating student’s paper and marks it as cheating. The student receives an automatic failed grade.

The teacher reports the students to the school administrators for disciplinary action. The school administration officer or guidance officer reprimands the students. The repeated acts of cheating force the school administrators and teachers to implement severe punishment on the erring student.

Cheating affects other classmates

In terms of ethics, Tim West (2004) theorized that cheating in class affects the other students. One student feels that cheating in class is unfair to the other students. The cheater copies the answers of the nearest intelligent room seatmate. In some instances, the cheater unintentionally copies the wrong answers of the less intelligent classmate.

Conclusion In the nutshell, the post agrees with the thesis statement. Cheating on the college academic test is demoralizing. After getting a passing score, another test exposes the student’s cheating activity. The teacher’s spotting of a student cheating on college exams lowers the cheating student’s self esteem. Classmate eyewitnesses often spread the news of the cheating activity. Cheating on class tests causes the other students to cry foul. Indeed, cheating on the college tests is a transgression of the school’s policies.

References Tibbetts, S. G.,(1999). Differences Between Women and Men Regarding Decisions To Commit Test Cheating. Research in Higher Education, 40 (1), 323 -342.

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