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Drama – the Relevance of the Oldest Plays Reflective Essay

Table of Contents The Valdez play and US national leaders

Concept of marriage in ‘A Doll’s house’

Proposal for ‘The glass menagerie’

Prior to commencement of this course, I thought drama was disconnected from present day experiences, but I was surprised to find that even some of the oldest plays are still relevant today.

I expected to learn about particular components of the social and cultural backgrounds of the plays by simply looking through their scripts. After completion of this course, I found that those expectations were met. It is indeed possible to deduce the social and cultural values of a certain society simply from the plays written at that time.

Lastly, I did not expect to become more analytical about my own society as a result of studying drama. However, after doing this course, I have realized that ideologies are prevalent in almost all spheres of life; politics, education and entertainment are just some of the many examples.

Through this course, I have learnt how to distinguish between useful and harmful ideas. Since some plays can be rich and meaningful while others can be shallow and unbalanced, it is always best to assess them first. The same analysis can be applied in the above mentioned spheres of life.

The Valdez play and US national leaders The aspect I found most convincing about the play was the commoditization of Hispanics and other minority groups in the US. Miss Jimenez came to purchase a brown Mexican who would be used in Governor Reagan’s campaign to appeal to a larger crowd. In other words, ethnic minorities were seen as a platform for advancing Caucasian Americans’ political or social goals.

They were treated as nothing more than a means-towards-an-end rather than genuine individuals. In this regard, one can say that the stereotypes prevalent within the country are reducing ethnic minorities to commodities. US national leaders would find this component quite useful as they would refrain from using ethnic minorities for political aims.

Instead, they would focus on each and everyone’s strong points. People would get appointed or promoted on the basis of their merits rather than their ethnic identity. Another aspect of the play that would be useful to US administrators that are dealing with immigration is the aspect of seasonal immigrants.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the play, the first model represents the typical farm worker that comes in once in a year, works the fields and goes back home. This kind of worker requires special policy provisions that can allow him to make such seasonal trips in and out of the country. He renders a great service to the nation, but still wants to maintain links with his native home.

Concept of marriage in ‘A Doll’s house’ I was quite surprised that the idea of terminating a marriage was unheard of in those times. Women had very few rights in that society if they were expected to stay in marriages irrespective of how fulfilling or unfulfilling they were.

I think this play illustrates just how different societal values have become. In the 19th Century, women were not allowed to pursue freedom, independence and happiness (especially at the expense of marriage).

Nora is a woman who struggles to break free; her choice to leave her husband becomes a symbol of rebelliousness against her own society. This was the reason why the play caused a lot of unrest in western literature at the time. Fortunately, these challenges no longer exist in modern western societies. Women now have the ability to make choices in their marriages.

Proposal for ‘The glass menagerie’ The topic of the proposal will be “How the glass menagerie illustrates the breakup of family structures.” Through the main characters in the play, it will be explained that family structures in modern societies are quite fragile and can be easily broken. The work will focus on Tom and his struggles, Amanda’s maternal failures and Laura’s unfulfilled expectations.

In the article “Nightingale Benedict “This Menagerie is Much Too Cosy.” New York Times, 11 December 1983”, the author argues that at face value, Amanda seems like a well-meaning and concerned parent.

Many mothers have nudged their children to stop smoking and worried about them when life seemed too hard for them. However, Amanda crosses the line when she stretches these good intentions to the limit. She starts intruding into her children’s lives and uses words like to ‘we’ and ‘I’ to talk about their behavior.

We will write a custom Essay on Drama – the Relevance of the Oldest Plays specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Furthermore, Amanda assumes that what was good for her is good for her daughter too. She manipulates and controls her children and thus ends up destroying the very same people she had hoped to fix. The proposal will look at more of these arguments concerning Amanda’s character so as to relate them to the breakdown of family structures.

In another book, “Bloom, Harold. The Glass Menagerie. NY: Infobase publishing. 2006. Print”, the author talks about the shattered faith of Amanda’s only daughter Laura. Upon learning about Jim’s engagement, Laura goes through an emotional storm. The event took away her innocence and destroyed the faith she had in love. All these unfulfilled expectations were brought on by her mother’s pressures and her brother’s lack of support. This line of argument will be explored further in the proposal.

Market Plan of Zeep Lawn Mower Term Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Main objective This market plan focuses on a brief and straight forward plan of extending the already existing Zeep to a lawn mower in the market. This paper provides a straight forward plan of marketing that will be used in order to attain the zeep lawn mower brand extention marketing plan.

Brand extention is the process of making use of the benefits derived from an existing brand in the market to bring into the market a new product using the same brand (Taylor 14). After the successful launch and use of zeep in the market, the company wishes to extend it by introducing a lawn mower.

With this brand name, it is expected that the large customer bases of the zeep product will stand higher chances of benefiting from this product.

It is very important to market this new brand zeep lawn mower given that there is stiff competition in the lawn mower market owing to the fact that even Honda have introduced been able to make lawnmowers. The company therefore intends to use the brand name in order to take advantage of the existing customer base in the market.

This product will be available at all our retailing agents’ world wide in order to make it possible for the consumers to access it. Given that our current customers have always been satisfied with our products, we expect them to make use of the zeep lawnmower and even recommend it to others. The benefits from the customers will be a great benefit to both the new product and the existing brand and this can help the business plan for future marketing activities (Sengupta 268).

Our main objectives will be to increase our market gross sales and in the process increase our earned profits. As a result of this, we intend to increase our employee number by bringing on board more expertise to help in the manufacture and marketing of the new product. Another objective will be to grow our customer base by reaching to new consumers who will make use of the lawnmower product.

Goods or services

The creep lawnmower is an automotive machine that makes use of a rotating blade around a vertical or horizontal axis to cut a plot of grass at a length that is even. This machine is very important because several homesteads have lawns that need to trimmed and maintained well using a lawnmower

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There are several other companies that manufacture lawn mowers in the market hence the competition is quite stiff. Our main competitor in this new product is Honda that currently commands a large share of the market. However, our brand name (Zeep lawnmower), comprises of a brand that is well known and widely used in the market. This in itself makes our zeep lawnmower product unique and better than the other lawnmowers in the market.

Projected outcomes

After a period of one year, this product is expected to pay back by realizing great profits. In the short term we expect to see a steady and reasonable increase in customer numbers, gross sells and profits levels. In the long run, the client base is expected to grow tremendously, gross sales doubling and earning great profits compared to the levels that are currently being realized.

Implementation plan

This section basically reflects how the plan of developing and introducing the new lawnmower in to the market is going to be carried out step by step. This will reflect how as an organization, we will turn the stated plan into expected results.

In achieving the above, there are a few challenges that are bound to come along the way. One, being a new line of business, we don’t have enough expected expertise to carry on the task.

We will therefore need to hire individuals who are already in the field of manufacturing lawnmowers to help us in this task. Hiring expertise is very expensive given that they have to be enumerated on terms that are above their current terms.

Being a new venture, the company will also be expected to acquire a set of new machinery that will be used that will be used to come up with the zeep lawnmower. This in itself makes it an expensive venture since it requires huge amounts of capital to setup.

In real sense, we need a new set of expertise hem implement and a support human resource group to help the new set up, setting up capital is needed to purchase the manufacturing equipments, financial recourses are also needed to purchase the parts that are needed for assembling in order to come up with the new machine, money is needed for salary and wage payment to the workers, distribution costs of the complete product have to be met among other implementation requirement that may come along the way.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Market Plan of Zeep Lawn Mower specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Sequence of activities and events Creep lawnmower

Initial planning for the lawnmower project purchase of manufacturing machinery Installation of manufacturing equipment Human resources recruitment Purchase or parts to be assembled Commencement of manufacturing process Distribution of complete machine to sell agents J F M A M J J A S O N Evaluation, control and contingency plan Evaluation

As the implementation process continues, it is important to note the results and keenly take not of new happenings in the inside and outside surroundings. A close observation needs to be made in order to determine whether the stated programmes meet the desired objectives of customer growth, increase in gross sells and rise in profits. Any programmes that will not be in line with the above objectives will be changed. The performance will be compared with the budget requirements at every stage. (Schmitt 223) The variations noticed will give the information required to evaluate the impact of each program.

A keen study of the market will be analyzed so as to determine to what extend the creep lawnmower will change the market. If the market change will be insignificant, the plan will be reviewed to ensure that it is productive.


In this section we will be concerned with looking at how the given programmes support the tactics that are put in place. We will also ensure that the strategies being practiced are in line with this plan for a creep lawnmower development. Monitoring of how the project is fairing on will be done at given points in time and this will help in the modification of the necessary market plan. (Sherman 374)

Contingency plan

The main challenge to this plan is getting experienced expertise since they are scarce and absorbed in other firms. If this happens, the company will be farced to poach workers and give them rates that are above market rates in order to attract them. Better working conditions will also be provided in order to maintain the workforce. Competition may lead competitors lowering their market prices in order to bit the creep lawnmower, this will force us to revise our prices and improve our product further. In case such challenges among others occur, then we will be well prepared to handle them. (Dacko 491).

Works Cited Dacko, G. Scott. The advanced dictionary of marketing: Putting theory to use.

New York: Oxford University Press, 2008.

Schmitt, Berndt. Handbook on brand and experience management. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2008.

Sengupta, Subroto. Brand positioning: Strategies for competitive advantage. Delhi [u.a.]: McGraw-Hill, 2005.

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