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Does the Adoption and Implementation of Strategy Guarantee an Organization’s Success? Research Paper

Thesis Statement The following paper intends to take an objective look into how the formulation, implementation of marketing strategies and planning have contributed to better performing multinational corporations. Given today’s competitive business environment, commercial success in the corporate world can only be achieved through proper coordination between the top and middle management, and the subordinates and involving both in the strategic management process.

The extend of ambiguity that organizations face in the commercial environment require business executives to understand that goods and services would not just sell themselves, but as the selling concept of marketing postulates, some effort to sell must be put in place by those responsible. Consequently, the selling efforts usually manifest itself in the form of strategies which usually manipulate the marketing mix to achieve what is best for both the organization and its consumers.

Therefore, this is the reason why business executives must involve their organizations in numerous and rigorous research processes so that they can understand what is specifically targeted to consumer market usually need and therefore attempt to make strategies that favor their consumers. It is thus assumed strategizing in certain functional areas such as marketing makes sense of security in the organization, increases the chances of success.

In a case where an organization lacks sound marketing strategies and other strategies that are used in various functional areas, an organization is likely to face a lot of ambiguities and hence sub-optimal use of resources within the organization and even failure or numerous inefficiencies could be imminent.

Table of contents Introduction

Research question

Findings and analysis

Strategy and Planning

Marketing Strategy process and illustrations

The process of planning and formulating marketing strategy

Illustration 1: The Coca-Cola Company

Illustration 2: The Apple Company

Conclusion and recommendation

Works cited


Introduction Starting and successfully running a business is a daunting and exhausting task that is not just achieved overnight or by wishful thinking (Campbell, Stonehouse

Sugar Plum Bakery Analytical Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction



Macro Environment


Reference List

Introduction Sugar Plum Bakery (SPB) is a bakery retail business established in Camarillo, California and targets regular and loyal customer with a passion for baked products. The company’s commitments are to provide delicious nut-free baked goods using high-quality ingredients at a reasonable cost to the consumer.

The company’s management has also evaluated and taken into consideration consumers allergic to nuts. To deal with this situation, Sugar Plum Bakery plans to provide delectable homemade treats in a safe environment for consumers allergic to nuts. The company’s goals and objectives are to build a strong and counterproductive market position in Camarillo. This can be achieved by positively benefiting its people in business partnership and improved competitive climate in the area.

Allergy Allergy is an abnormal reaction of one’s body after contamination with allergens by inhalation, ingestion, injection or skin contact. There has been much research on food allergy in general but not much on peanut allergy alone.

Sugar plum bakery has evolutionary grown with the increased in demand of peanut by consumers globally. Scientist and health professions have defined a substance called allergen to be the primary course of allergy which contains proteins in the food we eat. Peanut allergy is common in children that vary from person to person according to ones immune system.

Allergy health professionals have established clinic all over the world to help diagnose allergic patients. In some countries like the US, the Federal Food Allergen and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) require that all packaged food must be labeled specifying ingredients contained in the package (Masi, 1995, 78).

A research has shown that food allergies are mostly coursed by the sensitivity of the peanut. Sugar Plum Bakery is determined to eliminate allergy problems to consumers at all cost. The cost of our company’s product will be affordable to all consumers with an equalized profit for the company’s management and development. Environmental management in Camarillo is in the interest of Sugar Plum Bakery.

Furthermore, the health of Camarillo residents is our main concern in partnership with the local business men. Our products will be freely distributed to local businesses at a minimum cost. Our business is strategically located and readily accessible from all corners of Camarillo with enough space for expansion (Joshi, 2005, 39).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Competition Competitors are business rivals or one who is competing against the other. Sugar Plum Bakery business has been on the increase due to demand in its products i.e. peanut. This has lead to competition between businesses entrepreneurs involved in Sugar Plum Bakery.

However, the company has survived the competition and has been able to keep cat bay rigorous competitors. Sugar Plum Bakery is a competitive business in today’s market especially due to high consumption and demand of its product globally. The quality of a company’s product improves its demand by the consumers (Joshi, 2005, 34).

A companies’ share do not necessary mean how a company is performing relative to its competitors. Any change in business field like in sales affects market and economic situation. Market share can be defined by the hike in demands and high sale of products leading to competitive profits in comparison with other competitors.

Established customer distribution increases share distribution. Product matchup is the comparison of product from other companies for competition. Our company’s product will be of high quality to favor all consumers.

Macro Environment A condition that exists in an economy that affects the company planning and performance, and is beyond its control. Business is sources of income that improves economic growth of any given country, city or society. Market is a place where buyers and seller make transaction directly or indirectly.

Marketing has evolved over the year where transaction of good to good in old age to today’s computer technology. History has defined exchange of good and product since the creation of the world which intern due to human intelligence has been made easer whereby you can buy product from wherever you maybe just by a click of the button (Lenskold, 2003, 78).

Companies all around the world have joined hands to improving the living standard of people. Sugar Plum Bakery products demand has extensively increased due to consumers. Products demand and retail supply, increase in import and marketing efforts. Supermarket retailer continues to strive for lower labor and capital cost.

We will write a custom Essay on Sugar Plum Bakery specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Sugar Plum Bakery has large players who have continuously dominated the market but still small retail firms remain active. Small retail exists in the business trying their level best to compete with large volume firms (Keller, 2002, 67).

Conclusion Sugar Plum Bakery (SPB) main target is the local people of Camarillo, the establishment of the company will create employment and improve the infrastructure, therefore leading to an improved economy in the area as noted by Clancy (2000,23).The company, further, has great potential for growth considering it is exploring many other avenues and coping with competition favorably.

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