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Do People Choose What They Are Attracted To? Essay (Critical Writing)

Considering the subject of attraction, the term seems ambiguous because for a scientist, it might mean some forces of physics, to psychologist it takes the emotional perspective, to lovers it takes the emotional perception and, from the youth or the new-age point of view it faces various external determining factors or circumstances such as events.

Away from the earlier century, current references regarding the law of attraction indicate it as the evolution of matter. Today, the Law of attraction talks about people’s way of thinking in the aim of achieving an advantage.

One of the key factors that need consideration in matters pertaining attraction include, knowledge about the personal need. The universe is able to manifest desires if one cultivates positive thoughts about the personal wishes or needs. Arguably, this is the philosophical nature indicating the possibility of attracting whatever one wishes to achieve or have. Attraction however, raises many questions that seem to lack good answers.

For example, do people have a choice over attraction? Biologically, the subconscious mind is the source of attraction because it begins with release of a substance referred to as dopamine, in response to individual unique paradigms. It is a special quality that makes people attractive, which they have no control over. One has control over the attraction for instance; attraction to someone is not a choice but way of enhancing the relationship in a personal perfective manner.

It is logical that one should be attracted to a person who is equally attentive to their needs or feelings, sensitive, nice, generous and provides, but a close attention to the real world indicates otherwise. Attraction does not happen by choice but through an unconscious stage of responding emotionally to various clues.

It fails to involve logic but has a pattern and methodology of working it out that is discoverable through practice. Learning or understanding the methodology or essence behind attraction is comparable to learning how to perform tasks that never occur naturally. One has to learn the skills to be in a position of garnering results.

Arguably some negative aspects are excellent ways of pushing the attraction button such as creating tension between people, playing hard to get, enhancing laughter, or developing unpredictable self-image.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More People ought to have strengths to control attraction. As a good example, heterosexual people have desire to have relations with different people of the opposite gender. This is a drive but does not permit them to the act in that procession because they can have control over the act.

There is need to control special contemplations for success. Therefore, attraction is not a choice but the alternative is to control personal thoughts in order to gain power over the law of attraction. There is only one consciousness, which is self and this is the main source of human intentions.

Segway HT: Business Model and Planning Case Study Essay

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Connected Activities

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Customer Value The firm is at a position of utilizing technology to the point of improving the quality of living all over the world. The firm invented machines that enabled the consumers to find ease especially in movement. The invention of the iBot made it easier for the consumers to move up and down stairs and even over rough surfaces.

Home choice dialysis machine was made in such a manner as to enable the patients with chronic renal failure move freely. It is also portable hence can be easily carried in planes or cars. There is also the intravascular stent that help patients suffering from heart problems amongst other inventions in the medical field that are reliable (Cho 319).

The firm invented an alternative mode of transport referred to as Segway Human Transporter. This machine offers customers and their goods convenience of moving short distances effectively. It increased the speed of movement at less amount of energy per person. The Segway HT is offered in two models the i-Series for personal and business people and the e series for transporting huge and heavy loads; it is priced like any other consumer electronic product (Cho 320).

Capabilities The firms’ invention, the Segway HT, uses a design that has a smaller base with a unique stability that provides the users with safe stable and effective movement. Segway HT is provided in two unique models, the iSeries model that uses low pressure tires making it move easily over uneven grounds.

The eSeries on the other hand have several capabilities which includes having an electric stand that enables it balance on its own, this provides the user the convenience of moving on and off the model when at work. The unit also provides for extra carriage capacity for luggage (Cho 319- 322).

One of the capability gaps to be worked on is the weight of the design; it seems to be heavier than expected. To counter this gap the firm has plans to design a lighter version known as p-Series. The other disadvantage is that the design has no transportation laws to guard its use on the sidewalks.

The firm’s capability lies on its dynamic stabilized technology that enables it to configure one of the most efficient means of personal transport. The Segway HT does not use fossil fuel which makes it convenient compared to other automobiles. This uniqueness makes it possible to be used in more congested cities where pollution is a threat. The firm has derived all of these capabilities from the combination of science, engineering and right focus (Cho 319- 322).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In order to ensure stability the firm gives its employees the freedom to be innovative and creative, the manager encourages the staff and believes every idea from any person can always work provided it’s given the right attention (Cho 318). The Segway HT is unique in the sense that it has the ability of transporting people and goods without any space restrictions that most vehicles encounter. It does not need any fuelling for its operation and is reliable for short distance transportation.

Connected Activities The company has tapped on the available knowledge and talent by recruiting creative people from different field of study. Through the engineers, the firm runs multiple small projects and encourages the outcome hence making quick development of any good idea generated (Cho 319).

The firm works hand in hand with development experts from outside the company. The partners provide financial support and required technology whenever need arises. This helps the firm meet the expected deadlines during the process of development. The partners include; silicon sensing systems for integrated circuit boards and Axicon for gear manufacture (Cho 321).

The firm promotes the sales of this machine through the Segway LLC which acts as marketing channel for the product. The firm has an experienced management team from other recognized companies that have helped in the development process, operations, human resource management, financial management, sales and marketing process (Cho 323).

Works Cited Cho, Christopher, et al. Segway Human Transport case study. 29th March, 2010