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Definition and Theories of Environmental Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay

This is a scientific discipline concerned with the study of impacts that human beings have on the environment around them, and how the environment affects them. The role human beings play in conserving and sustaining the environment has been identified using relevant psychological theories. This has been eased by research findings that exist in this field (Clayton

Kiera Brinkley: A Person Who Has Influenced My Life in Positive Way Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Leading normal lives we do not understand how lucky we are to have legs and hands, we do not respect the opportunities we are offered and we do not know how to use the basic issues we have, the opportunity to walk and to use hands, while those who live with limited opportunities lead fuller lives than others do. Kiera Brinkley is the example of how we are to live.

Kiera Brinkley is a sixteen year old girl who lost her legs and hands when she was 2 years old because of the meningococcal disease. During her life, her mother supported and inspired her telling that she is not different from others, but that she is unique and she should be proud of it. This point of view helped Kiera Brinkley grow up a positive person with many desires.

Looking at Kiera Brinkley I understand how strong this person must be to be able to dance without legs. She inspired me for actions. Watching the video on YouTube with Kiera Brinkley I was inspired by her mode of life, her strong character and desire to live.

Kiera Brinkley lives fuller life that people with ordinary options and she may be used as the role model for others. Being limited in movement, she managed not only to walk and study at college, she also realized her dream to dance and this is a great achievement.

I was inspired by this persona and I am sure that everyone who watches how this person uses her body having limited opportunities is inspired as well. She motivated me for living better life than I have, to act rather than stay and watch how others do.