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Cybersecurity Policy Report (Assessment)

Proper protection of data assembled and recorded in an organization is a core factor for the prosperity and safety of the organization. With the introduction of the Internet in business environment, the technicality of accessing as well as disseminating information has been made easy but generated more challenges at the same time especially with the rise in the number cyber criminals.

This aspect makes the current business environment extremely flimsy. The best way to manage and prevent such incidents is to formulate effective data security strategies. Protected communication helps both the organization and its clients to gain from the resources provided by the Internet.

This understanding underscores the importance of having proper cyber security in an organization. This paper will discuss the procedures of establishing relevant Internet security policies by identifying and describing the procedures, as well as recommending possible solutions to the challenges that arise in the process.

What is a Cyber Security Policy? To define what cyber security policy it is necessary to explain what the term security policy implies. Security policy is a strategy that lists the most vital assets of an organization and guidelines on how they are to be safeguarded.

The main reason for formulating the document is to inform the employees with a transitory summary of the standard rules of how to handle information assets, illegal, and legal practices, hence involving them in protecting the sensitive documents of the organization.

It is mandatory for any staff member, who intends to access resources that have been classified as vulnerable targets, to refer to the security policies before using the resources (Shoemaker

Qatar National Sport Day Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Qatar is being promoted as a sporting capital of the Gulf region despite the fact that few students from various colleges in the country participated in the national sporting event held in February this year. The main reason why college students from North Atlantic did not participate in the event was its rather poor organization. As such, not everybody knew about it. The objective of this research paper is to examine ways of increasing the participation of students from the North Atlantic College in the National

Sport Day Programs Based on current statistics, only 89 out of 457 individuals recruited for a quick survey indicated that they participate in sports (QSD 2012).

This is an indication that even at the national level there is a little emphasis made on sporting activities. The survey also showed that men were more likely to participate in sports than women. With respect to college students, the level of participation during the February Qatar national sports day was low. This implies that students are not aware of the importance of sports.

To increase the number of student participants in the next QNSD, the department of sports at the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNAQ) needs to create awareness of the importance of sports and the national sports day. For example, it should be emphasized that participating in sports reduces the risk of such killer diseases as cancer and diabetes (Canadian Heritage 4).

In addition, students should be informed about the importance and the theme of the Qatar National Sports Day which is “to encourage member of local community to adopt healthy lifestyle and develop physical and mental abilities of community members in light of the 2030 national vision” (QSD 2012).

Moreover, there is a need to create awareness in order to make an emphasis on the QNSD and its importance for individuals and the nation at large. Awareness would encourage more students to participate in the next national sports day.

CNAQ sports department in collaboration with other stakeholders should come up with a program which advocates for sports. This can be borrowed from the Schools Olympic Program (SOP) which advocates for sports as a way of life (SOP 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As a result, this would increase the level of sports participation by CNAQ students. Based on the problem statement, the low level of participation was a result of poor sports management since the college did not organize the event well. This could be resolved by putting in place a sports management team that focuses on Qatar national sports day.

However, emphasis without practical participation is not enough. Therefore, in line with the recommendation by the Canadian Heritage (7), the CNAQ sports management can set up sports policies and programs in the college and also increase the number of physical facilities.

Lessons in physical education should also be organized in such a way that every student may participate in sports (Canadian Heritage 7). Physical education and a supportive sporting environment as recommended by Qatar Olympic Committee (16) have the potential to encourage students to participate in sports.

This would create the desire to participate in sports during national sports days. The Qatar Olympic Committee (38) advocates for a sports culture in Qatar to increase the number of participants at national level. The College of North Atlantic of Qatar should borrow a leaf from the Qatar Olympic Committee to create a sporting culture. A sporting culture has the capacity to raise college interests towards sports.

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