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Convergence vs Divergence of Culture and Literature – Examples

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Literature Review


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Introduction The notion of culture emerged for the first time in the course of the 18th century. The term ‘Culture’ does not take a fixed definition. This is because cultures vary from people to people, place to place, profession to profession, just to mention a few. The way people attribute things will then tend to differ based on their refinement.

This ascription will be positive if it emerges from ‘similar’ people. They should either be of the same origin or sharing the same occupation, otherwise it will be negative. For instance, psychologists view culture on the basis of acuity clarifying the issue of thinking styles as either influential or inferential.

Sociologists view it in terms of the social structures whereas anthropologists define it in terms of the life patterns. Other fields like business combine some of these views together in pursuit of a working definition of culture. Harris, defines culture as “the cumulative deposit of knowledge, beliefs, values, religion, customs and mores acquired by a group and passed on from generation to generation” (25).

Culture can be divergent or convergent. While cultural convergence denotes the coming together of other cultures, cultural divergence is the reverse; one culture gives rise to different cultures. There is a debate on whether cultures are diverging or converging but following the issue of globalization, which has brought people together boosting commonness rather than diversity, it stands out that cultures are converging.

Literature Review “The most significant moment in the course of intellectual development, which gives birth to the purely human forms of practical and abstract intelligence, occurs when speech and practical activity, two previously completely independent lines of development, converge” (Vygotsky 23).

A major factor that maintained the great cultural distance in the past was language. It was used to identify the culture of the people.

They stuck to one language showing no interest on any other but there arose some other factors forcing them to welcome other cultures as well as giving out theirs. This was in the case of intermarriage, a booster of cultural convergence, which required their knowledge of other languages and hence cultures.

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Security Bid Proposal Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Abstract Security is a critical issue that tends to be overlooked by so many businesses yet it is of much significance to the operation of any given business. This includes security of both information system and also business property. Poor information security may lead to poor performance since competitors are most likely to have access to the business documents, data and workflows.

It is therefore the obligation of any particular business to ascertain appropriate security of information from the intruders and promote accountability as far as business property is concerned. This bid is a simple proposal of a workable security system within an organization to ensure business information is properly guarded against any intruding persons and guarantee maximum protection of business property.

Introduction Information is a very vital issue to a business and hence should be given first priority at any given time. To come up with an effective security system for both information and property within a business; assets, threats and available resources must be put into consideration. This security system has been designed for a small business and it safeguards information and property from intruders.

Methodology Information security system

Business information may include but not limited to information on employees, consumers, commodities offered, financial status of the business, business policies and also future plans of the business hence such information should be inaccessible to everyone ranging from the business employees to the outsiders including competitors.

To protect business gadgets from damage by viruses, spyware and other malevolent codes, a regularly updated anti-virus and anti-spyware should be set up in all the computers belonging to the business and also personal computers for employees since some use their computers while at home. The application can be bought from software vendors.

After installing, the software should be set to automatically check for updates and scan the entire system at certain specified times to ensure better protection from any threat.

Internet connection exposes the system to threat throughout hence to counter this, the business has to subscribe to the wireless firewall access from hardware vendors. After installation, the administrative password and name have to be changed immediately followed by frequent changing to ensure hackers are kept at bay at all times.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More All computers including those for employees must be installed with active firewall software to ensure all sources of risks are sealed. The organization should patch and update its executive program, applications, business automation products and other products to ensure efficiency in data security. Automatic updates must be turned on for all the windows in all the computers.

Support copies of relevant organization data need to be made on a separate disk regularly for easy retrieval of data in case of computer breakdown, hard disk fail, floods, fire and even theft. These files may include word documents, electronic spreadsheets, databases, financial files, human resources files, accounting files and any other relevant information.

This has to be made automatic and the separate disks kept elsewhere from the business premises followed by regular checks to ascertain that the stored files can be read.

The computer room needs to have automated door system that is sensitive to fingerprints. This implies that only business employees will have access to the room. A database must therefore be created to carry all the fingerprints of employees. The computer room has to be fitted with a CCTV inside to monitor the activities of the users.

This will help in accountability among employees for all their actions. It should be made a secret and no one should be able to locate it. The door system needs to be set such that only allow access during business operating hours and days.

A separate database has to be made to store very critical information to the business that can only be accessed after common accord among the managerial staff. It has to be set in such a way that in case of any access to it with or without permission, a security message is sent to all the executive staff and the IT personnel.

The business needs to contract an IT firm to install all the above software, create databases and set up the files back up system. An IT personnel has then to be employed to maintain the system and update it whenever necessary.

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Employees should also receive proper training on information security. The business should create separate accounts for all the employees with passwords that cannot be easily guessed.

No staff at any given time should be allowed to browse using administrative accounts. This will help limit set up of unwanted software. After any online transactions, all the history, caches and cookies should be deleted to avoid anyone tracing the links. The organization should ensure staff has limited access to important business information.

The authority to give out information concerning the business has to be limited to a few especially the management. This will help curb the issue of social engineering used by many hackers and spies. Employees should sign a commitment promising to safeguard business information under all circumstances.

Property security The business should contract a security firm to be in charge of general security of the business property and personnel. There has to be limited entry and exit points into and out of the business premises respectively.

Business property needs to be labeled to minimize theft cases among employees. The contracted firm has to sign an accord to guarantee protection of the enterprise from interlopers and business property from damage or theft.

Conclusion Information is an important tool to any business hence it is the business obligation to ensure information security. Any leakage of this information might lead to unhealthy competition and bring adverse effects onto the business.