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Control and Change in Home Deport Company Analytical Essay

Table of Contents Controlling aspects in an organization

Steps taken by Nardelli in renovating Home Depot

Applying Nardelli’s approach in health care setting


The Home Deport was founded in 1978 as a self service shop to ease shopping activities for consumers who were forced to travel for longer time to find retail shops to acquire goods for consumption (Hitt, 2010).

The first shop consisting of a warehouse was established in Atlanta, Georgia thus reducing transportation cost and availing goods to customers whenever there ware in need (Roush, 2009). The associates achieved this through rigorous product knowledge training and clinics for their customers.

Controlling aspects in an organization Controlling is an act of verifying whether the organizational activities are conducted in relation to the plans developed and according to supervisor’s instructions (Roush,2009).It enhances effectiveness and efficiency in utilization of resources in order to achieve the organization goals by measuring the deviation of actual performance from the standard performance and suggesting the corrective measures (Hitt,2010).

Controlling function is achieved through the following aspects. To start with, it is achieved through delegation, which entails assigning responsibility to the employees and granting them the authority to utilize available resources to accomplish the jobs (Hitt,2010).

The supervisor shares accountability by ensuring the task is accomplished, he assists the worker in establishing goals ,granting him the authority and responsibility to work and achieve set goals(Hitt,2010).In addition, the supervisor avails resources to the worker as well as recommending him for reward to the top management(Roush,2009).

Secondly, controlling involves evaluation. This is a careful collection and analysis of information in order to make and amends decisions within various departments in an organization focusing on goals, production processes and the final goods or services (Hitt, 2010).

The management evaluates the previous goals set and introduce new measures for improving quality of production of the company products (Hitt, 2010).Similarly, controlling entails leading roles that require the management give direction the junior workers on how the duties are carried out in terms of job requirements in order to increase the profit level of the company (Davenport, 2007).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Steps taken by Nardelli in renovating Home Depot The arrival of Chief Executive Robert Nardelli noted series of developmental programs to business that for a long time had been a decentralized business enterprise by recruiting military personnel to participate in the management of various departments(Davenport, 2007) He believed in the kind of discipline and maturity soldiers get during military training and claimed the background is instrumental in the management of a business organization (Roush,2009).

The importation of military ideas gave the competitors such as Wal-Mart Company an opportunity to improve sales promotion techniques in order to convince Home Deport customers to change to their products(Roush,2009). Nardelli concentrated in building a disciplined corps capable of operating under high-pressure environment and producing high quality goods and services (Davenport,2007).

Secondly, he ensured cultural overhaul in promoting sales of the goods and services from Home Depot by safeguarding autonomy of the workers in all departments thereby creating a sense of belonging in all workers of the company (Roush,2009).This led to the rise in profit made by the company from $46 billion in the year 2000 to $81.5 billion in the year 2005 when annual growth was announced(Davenport,2007).

Similarly, Nardelli launched a move to expand the company and provide goods and services to consumers out side the United States (Davenport, 2007).

The company achieved this by reducing the growth of new stores in the United States leading to excess resources within the Home Depot Supply which is a sales unit hawking pipes and building materials for the company hence constructed a branch in China (Davenport, 2007).

In order to raise the company’s profit, Nardelli made both Saturday and Sunday normal working day and ensured all workers were available. He introduced the program immediately after taking over from his predecessor William Conaty giving him an uphill against the workers (Roush, 2009).

Moreover, the deport introduced a ranking system where workers were grouped according to the financial gain to the company, area of operation and skill possessed in for handling customers, he claimed that the value addition of an employee is equivalent to the quality of service offered to the customers (Davenport, 2007).

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Applying Nardelli’s approach in health care setting Nardelli’s approach is capable of improving service delivery in an organization; its application into health sector would reflect tremendous improvements in health institutions (Davenport, 2007).

To start with, trained military personnel should be recruited among the service providers in the hospitals and other health departments since they acquire high level discipline during their training and posses skills in disaster management relevant to health sector (Hitt,2010).

Similarly, the provision of medical services should be done through out the week since it involves the provision of essential services required every time by the citizens thus all health workers should attend to serve the sick and emergency cases (Davenport,2007 ).

Similarly, the approach applies on locating hospitals in areas closer to the citizens where they can easily acquire the health services at the right time (Hitt, 2010). For example the Home Depot Company established its branches in China, Mexico and Canada to avail the goods and services to consumers outside the United States (Davenport, 2007).

Lastly, the health sector should apply the Nardelli’s approach by recognizing and appreciating industrious workers within the sector and motivating them for the excellent performance as well as employing individuals who are acquainted to the climatic and environmental conditions of the area in which the business is located (Davenport, 2007)

In conclusion, Home Deport Company though started as a small retail shop by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank has grown into a multinational company that serves a larger market within and outside United States.

Its high level management introduced by Don Ray and latter adopted and improved by Nardelli promoted the company into world class level with unique system of management (Hitt, 2010).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Control and Change in Home Deport Company by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Currently, Home Depot is the largest retail shop in the world with its branches in Canada, China, Mexico and United Kingdom hence able to supply its products to many consumers all over the world (Hitt, 2010).

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