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Consequences of a College Student Cheating In Exams Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

Consequences of a College Student Cheating In Exams


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Introduction The education system is usually faced with a lot of challenges one of them being cheating in exams. The main reason behind cheating in colleges is usually to pass the examination and reach the expected grades. Many students suffer from transition from high school to colleges and the belief that college education is tougher than that in high school makes them panic hence the temptation to cheat in exams.

The learning atmosphere in colleges, for instance, lack of strict rules with much freedom also may make the students relax and forget their studies hence cheating due to lack of adequate time to revise for exams.

All in all the factors that lead to cheating do not in any way justify the wrong act and the students usually face a lot of consequences. This paper gives an insight into some of the consequences faced by a college student because of cheating in exams.

Consequences of a College Student Cheating In Exams There are various consequences that are linked to cheating in exams in the college level. The student face some punishment which in most cases is determined by the seriousness of the cheating, the institution’s stipulated rules and regulations in regard to examinations, the particular lecturer’s or professor’s view of the circumstance among other factors.

One of the consequences involves failure in the specific course which leads to the overall failure. This is because cheating may result in getting a zero mark.

Apart from the failure, the student may also face the academic examination and disciplinary body which may make severe judgment for instance suspension or probation in case of first attempt or discontinuation or expulsion of the students in case of repeated attempt which affects not only his or her academic life but also the general life for instance in terms of securing employment opportunities.

Another consequence of cheating in examination among the college students is that the habit of copying or relying on others as opposed to working hard in their studies creates a negative attribute on them where they lack creativity and originality in their academic work.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They also lose the sense of responsibility as they depend on others for their educational success reducing their chances of gaining new knowledge which adds to their pool of existing knowledge hence putting them in better places in various aspects of life.

The ethical and moral grounds of the college students who engage in cheating habits is also undermined which may affect all other aspects of their lives as they do not value accountability and ethics for example in family or work place settings (Hinrichsen 1).

In the event that the student who engage in cheating exam successfully finishes the college education, he or she may create a false character to the outside world as the certificates and other documents shows that the student is capable or fit for a particular position in the work place whereas he or she has little or no knowledge on the field.

The lack of independence and responsibility could also be carried on to the work place where the individual becomes inefficient and highly non-resourceful reducing the possibilities of securing and retaining a good job.

The students who are caught in cheating also face a lot of embarrassment and shame such as facing the disciplinary body which could be ruthless thus affecting their self esteem negatively.

The reputation of the particular student is also damaged as he or she is viewed as being incompetent and wrong by the other students, the lecturers and professors and even the administration. This reputation may have negative impact to the student even long after the cheating incident. A student who engages in cheating exams without being caught may also consider him or herself as a winner forgetting that it may affect them sometimes in future.

The students may find themselves being involved in other unethical acts in their adulthood which could lead to more severe consequences than those faced in an educational setting. Another effect of cheating in exams is that the honest present and even the future students in the system also suffer from the cheating behaviour.

We will write a custom Essay on Consequences of a College Student Cheating In Exams specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is because the cheating is deemed to affect the education system in a given manner as the rules tend to be inclined to both the honest and the cheating students. The grades of the honest students are also affected as they tend to be positioned lower than the cheating ones because the cheating students perform better in most cases although their means are not justified (Smith 1).

Conclusion Cheating in exams among college students is in the rise as the school systems become more lenient in terms of the examination rules and regulation, the guidelines given to the students and also the consequences accrued to the cheating act. Students usually find themselves taking advantage of cheating at the expense of working hard.

It is thereby advisable that the education systems in colleges should be revised where the importance of ethics should be impacted to the students to ensure that the students are able to be resourceful and responsible even in their professional careers and other general life matters.

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Balancing Studies, Work and Family Life Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

How to balance studies, work and family demands


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Introduction With the ever-increasing cost of studies and family demands, nowadays it is very normal to find a student who is struggling with the three aspects of life, as these are responsibilities that an individual cannot run away from. Although most individuals usually manage to study while working and attending to family needs, many learners usually find it a very daunting task, as each of these three important aspects of life has its own demands that must be met.

In most cases, failure to find a balance between these aspects of life can be very stressing; hence, unless an individual finds an amicable solution to this, likelihoods of one suffering from a burnout are high.

Although most individuals try to solve this by taking courses that are less demanding or require no formal class attendance, likelihoods of most of them becoming victims of failure are high, because of the increased risk of taking time to do one activity while neglecting others.

Therefore, because meeting all college, work, and family demands depends on how well learners mange their time, it is important for individuals to plan well their time by drawing a well balanced working schedule, which should include all the demands of each task, without forgetting to include some resting and recreation time.

How to balance studies, work and family demands The primary factor that will determine whether learners will be able to manage the numerous full-time multiple responsibilities that they face every day is their ability to draw a good time management plan. The plan should be able to divide all the time at a learner’s disposal in proportions that will depend on the time required attend to each responsibility.

In addition, because in normal life scenarios, numerous responsibilities that individuals may not have planned for are likely to arise, it is important for individuals to set some free time aside on their schedules to cater for any emergencies.

Further, one should set some play and resting time in their timetables, as this will help to relieve one from any form of tension, tiredness, and any work or study or family related stress.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, although some individuals may understate the significance of some responsibilities; hence, the tendency of them not catering for such responsibilities in their work schedules, it is advisable for a one to give each demand an equal amount of consideration, because failure in one responsibility can be an obstacle towards succeeding in another responsibility (Bradley 1).

A second strategy that individuals can use to ensure that they balance their studies with work and family responsibilities is involving their families and bosses in their studies.

Although not every family member or boss may appreciate this, at least it will make them feel less threatened by one’s interests in other activities, other than the responsibilities that they are supposed to perform at specific locations. To ensure that they appreciate what one is doing, it is good to have good study and work habits.

This will not only motivate others, but also it will create in them the desire to give an individual space, more so when they are engrossed in attending to other responsibilities, which an individual’s family or boss may not consider primary. Going hand in hand with having good study and work habits is setting of realistic targets.

As result of the numerous responsibilities that may come with these three aspects of life, it is advisable for an individual to set small, realistic, and attainable targets, be it in their work, studies, or families. Any target set should enable individuals to stick to their plans, manage expectations and ensure individuals set some time for themselves (University of South Africa 1).

Finally, because of the overwhelming nature of the demands that are associated with these aspects of life, it is important for one to seek help whenever they are overwhelmed with responsibilities.

In cases where the responsibilities are not overwhelming, it is advisable for an individual to take advantage of any shared activities to bond with family members or workmates. Individuals can achieve this by ensuring that they build meaningful relationships friends, workmates, and family members.

We will write a custom Essay on Balancing Studies, Work and Family Life specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These relationships are very important for any undertaking that learners may involve themselves in, as they are one of the most important tools that can help learners to boost their self esteem and motivation level towards anything they are doing.

On the other hand, learners should inform their families, tutors or supervisors of any arising matters or change of events, as this is the only way ensuring that any commanding authority will understand the need to give them permission to attend to any emergencies that may arise.

Conclusion In conclusion, although balancing between studies, work and family responsibilities concurrently can be a very tiring undertaking, with proper planning and time scheduling, one can alleviate any form of stress associated with the numerous demands associated with this different aspects of life. Going hand in hand with proper time budgeting, one should seek help whenever need arises to limit chances of one becoming a burnout victim.

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