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Atmospherics in Starbucks Essay

Atmospherics has emerged as a complex and important business issue as far as the whole aspect of marketing is concerned. This is because of the most outstanding and notable fact that we always respond to the atmosphere around us. In this case, it can be positive or negative depending on the business environment that we have been exposed to. As a matter of fact, most businesses come up with an atmosphere to suit their target market in relation to their goals and objectives.

Starbucks prides itself as the largest coffee house in the world with various local operations around USA. As a matter of fact, the company has more than 11,000 stores in USA. It should be known that Starbucks stores sell a large number of products to suit different customer tastes and preferences.

The company has continued to attract customers because of a good atmosphere that creates a special, diverse and distinct experience. Generally, it can be said that the company offers a casual and relaxing atmosphere to its customers. This is meant to give them a different experience that they have never got before. As far as the general atmosphere is concerned, the company has ensured that everything is done as par the customers expectations.

Its stores have a distinct signage that stands out thereby attracting different customers. This has been fused with attractive paintings and color to make it unique. Inside, there are several tables and chairs. In addition, there is a couch alongside this tables and chairs to give customers a sitting room experience. As a matter of fact, the stores resemble a sitting room and this makes customers comfortable when they are taking their favorite drinks.

It should be known that the company has stores that can accommodate 20 to 30 people at a given period of time. This means that the sitting area is not expansive to give the stores the privacy that customers need. As far as music is concerned, Starbucks plays good and soothing music in the background to give customers a relaxing atmosphere and experience. This is done while customers are enjoying their favorite food and drinks.

Initially, Starbucks was well known to play Jazz music but this has changed as time goes by. As a matter of fact, they nowadays play popular music. There is a joke that customers can hear their favorite beverages being made. Starbuck stores have a unique layout that can make customers to be intimate and cozy at any given period of time. The staff at Starbuck has been known to be very welcoming and decent from the way they interact with different customers.

This gives customers a cool, contemporary and calm atmosphere that can always encourage them to visit the store again and again. The walls are well covered and painted to give the stores a relaxing atmosphere. Starbucks has a unique scent in its stores and this hits a customer right from the door. In this case, it has a unique coffee fragrance that has continued to attract customers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Starbucks targets any person of any age. This is because its stores offer various foods and drinks that can suit the whole community. In a broad perspective, Starbucks is mostly adult focused. Everything at Starbucks works because it has a wide range of products that can suit all its customers. In this case, the whole community and children can be well attended to and satisfied. Because of a calm and relaxing atmosphere, the company has been able to suit different customer tastes and preferences.

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