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Arizona Immigration Law Reform Cause and Effect Essay

For a long time, Arizona has been one of the states facing law enactment crisis. Particularly, the Arizona’s state law has been faced with internal instability and fluctuations in controlling various illegal activities, especially the eminent illegal migration of Mexicans into the state.

As revealed by American Immigration Council (1), various Acts have been developed in the Law system to enhance the improvement of the situation in the state, with an aim of integrating the people and the police force in the maintenance of the state’s laws.

For instance, the “Support Our Laws and Safe Neighborhood Act” referred to as SB 1070 was recently developed and approved by the legislature of the state. It had been noticed that, the high rate of immigrants from the neighboring states has been accompanied by evils like smuggling, trespassing, and alien registration documents among others.

On this basis, there has been significant need to control such activities using the legal system. This paper will present the factors which contributed to the establishment of immigration law reform in Arizona.

According to Good (1), the amendment of HB2162 law on April 29, 2010 in alignment with SB 10170 was meant to incorporate other races, nationality and color of all the people in the state. It is important to note that, the Arizona laws were initially developed with les regard of the future changes the state, resulting into the kind of disequilibrium in the co-existence between the state’s citizens and its neighborhood.

The currently experienced racial profiling in the state has been one of the major rising issues; as the initial laws did not consider other races in the state (Kaye 1). In this regard, HB2162 law was established to define all the terms and specifications of co-existence between the citizens and the other races, especially the immigrants.

The main concern underlying Arizona is whether it has the capacity as a state to enforce its laws effectively without external interventions. The bureaucracy of interpreting the Law and implementing them into policies that are administratively workable policies has been a major issue. The neighboring country of Mexico has also aired its views on the matter.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, the Foreign Ministry has written to the State for reviewing of the Laws but to no avail. In a statement made by the Foreign Ministry of Mexico, it was clear that the establishment of the Arizona Law of Immigration has interrupted the good neighborhood that had been existing between Arizona and Mexico (Kaye 1).

It is even worrying to most citizens of Mexican origin since the law is especially aimed at minimizing their illegal presence in the State. This means that even rightful dwellers of the State might find themselves in the wrong side of the Law.

As revealed by Good (1), the suggested law system has also been found to create divisions among police officers since it has some major management issues.

Many patrol officers as presented by a fragment of Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) want freedom so as to fully enforce federal immigration laws. The other faction is of the idea that checkups should be in place to ensure minimal exuberant crack downs on illegal immigrants (Kaye 2). Divisions in the police unit saw two groups argue publicly about the law.

Supporters claimed that it would give officers more liberty necessary while carrying out their jobs and only little additional training was required. The bill was termed as having just enough teeth to keep off ignoring immigration laws by departments; on the flip side, it explicitly forbade officers from discriminating citizens on racial grounds.

Conclusion Generally, the State’s Law Legislature furthers the tussle by maintain it is failure of the Federal government to contain the immigrants that has catalyzed the enactment. Although the Law is not different from Federal Law the main debatable part of the whole issue is the enforcement of the Bill. The Law is ineffective or it is not properly enforced in the United State and thus raises questions on whether it should be enforced at the State level and its effectiveness when enforced.

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Digital Technology – the Use of the Internet Autobiography Essay

Nursing Assignment Help It is clear that an individual’s social and economic background has a significant and substantial influence on their ability to fully maximize digital technology as an important tool for personal and professional growth. To illustrate this assertion, it would be useful to examine how it is that I came to get acquainted with the computer.

Since an early age, I have always been fascinated by digital technology especially computers. In my childhood years, I viewed computers as a portal, a gateway as it were to another world. This is because my infantile attention was captivated by the myriad functions that could be executed on a computer. I remember spending hours enthralled by computer applications; I was particularly fond of changing the computer’s wallpapers and screen savers.

At this point in time, computer technology was not as advanced as it is today. The computers of my childhood were to say the least, relics.

Looking back, in retrospect, the computer that I first encountered was incomparable to the computers of today. This is because; the particular computer was extremely slow, had very little memory space and had very few programs. At the time however, that computer seemed to be at the cutting edge of technology.

During those years, the use of the computer, for me, was limited to elementary functions such as typing assignments for school such as book reports. I also used the computer for making simple flyers, notices and posters for a number of events. Back then, the internet was not yet in mainstream use, therefore, my computer at that point did not have an internet connection.

Looking back to those years, it is hard to imagine working with a computer that did not have an internet connection because, nowadays, almost everything, whether be it work or school related, requires online resources.

In comparison to the situation today, computer technology in my childhood years was not advanced. However, the passing years witnessed quantum leaps in the sector of computer technology.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The first computer that I used was an old model that used the now obsolete character based user interface MS-DOS operating system. This complex operating system required the user to utilize a number of text-based commands for the computer to perform basic functions.

Thankfully, the next computer that I used was powered y the upgraded graphical based user interface known as Microsoft windows that are still in use today. The upgraded computer was also significantly faster and had much more memory space. Furthermore, the upgraded computer had many more programs and applications than the older model.

The ultimate advancement in computer technology, for me, was the mainstream use of the internet. The World Wide Web was an unprecedented revolution that fundamentally changed the number of functions that a computer could accomplish. The internet became and still is, for me, an important resource that for all intents and purposes, I cannot do without.

The internet is for me, an invaluable research tool and a primary source of information. The internet is also an important avenue of fast, cheap and reliable communication. Moreover, the entertainment function of the internet cannot be overlooked and in relation to this, the essential function of social networking.

In summation, comparatively, I can say that I have had exposure to computers and other forms of digital technology from an early age. I would attribute this to being the factor responsible for shaping my ability to use the technology for both personal and professional growth.