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Aristotle’s Views on Education

Thesis statement
Practical knowledge is more important than theory based learning
According to Aristotle, he was of the view that education in city’s affected children’s character. As a result, the role of educational was always meant to ensure it serves the existing needs in the society. He thus advocated for private tutoring especially by parents because it went a long way in shaping children’s habits. Most parents, on the other hand, were keen to ensure their kids learned their cultures and likely to be achieved when such an initiative is adopted. It is despite, a lot of views being expressed. Different people also shared a common view but differed in how they expressed their opinion. Among the conventional views were, the need to emphasize on morality as well as knowledge. He still was in favor for the need to focus much on what mattered as opposed to merely teaching children what wasn’t likely to add value to their life.
The primary focus thus ought to direct attention on practical subjects. Such knowledge was likely to go a long way in adding value to their life in future now that they can still utilize such skills which are to a great extent so essential to life. However, it was also important to as well encourage students to embrace manual labor. Some were, on the other hand, likely to look down on themselves while carrying out such activity but needed to change their perception. Tutors thus needed to come up with the right approach to encourage a shift in the way some had a wrong misconception. Despite education playing an incredible role in the human society, people were also encouraged to avoid blowing it out of proportion only making it overbearing. As long as there was certification from the acquired knowledge, it was prone to be acknowledged as good. Such knowledge could as well help transform the society until the goal turned to an essential service rendered to the community. Whenever such a situation came about, there was a need to consider a different approach.
He also distinguished the various forms of knowledge, at the top both reading as well as writing were also discussed. The two acts as a powerful tool of communication but still a lot could be realized via physical training as demonstrated by practical knowledge. Music still was a very effective means of communication as depicted in various cultures. Most people also expressed their culture through music and had for a long time plaid an important role among most communities. It was, however, hard for one to quantify the effect of music. It’s in spite of it being used for leisure and meant to bring about relaxation during many occasions.
He also laid emphasis on how both; playing as well as relaxation plaid a great role after undergoing a tough encounter as experienced after work. Leisure was, on the other hand, seen as a higher form of relaxation owing to the relief it was likely to bring about as demonstrated by a feeling of happiness. Leisure was also likened to be the ultimate goal of a quality life and prone to be the envy of every man. Aristotle was, however, of a different view as demonstrated by his take on music. According to him, it rarely inspired courage but embraced during leisure activities and thus only helped man spent the little time on leisure yet could still use such time while seeking to contribute more to life.
Still on the same note, while both reading and writing may have played a great role in society, a lot was yet to be done and thus the need to also encourage their application. The society was prone to realize much when embraced owing to their ability to enhance human knowledge. As seen from this case study, Aristotle favored practical knowledge as compared to the use of theory. It is despite most schools embracing the use of theory while educating children thus prone to affect their future life negatively due to less practical skills yet so essential in life.
There was thus need to start by training students well right from a young age. At such an age this shouldn’t be overdone owing to its implication on them. When wrongly administered, it could as well fail to replicate the set goal. The student still needed to be trained for about three more years and meant to engage both their frame and mind. From Aristotle’s example, as portrayed in music, there was a need to go beyond theory. When well developed, knowledge of music was likely to be demonstrated through an excellent performance and achieved over time as a result of dedication and practice.
A lot is highlighted, however, as noted by Aristotle, there is a need to emphasize more on practical knowledge as opposed to concentrating much on theory as seen in most education systems. Such systems are only designed to meet the expectation these societies as opposed to empowering students thus the need to borrow a different approach to bringing about a difference in the community.

Effects of Bullying

Have you ever come across the word bullying before? Bullying is deliberately targeting someone who is different or vulnerable and intimidating them. Bullying is often repeated. It is aimed to belittle the other person and hurt them physically and emotionally. It is typically directed at certain groups or sorts of individuals such as a person from a certain background, race, religion or sexual orientation. These are just a few examples of why a person could get bullied and there are many more unexplained reason.
The effects of bullying and why it needs to be countered
There are many long term and short term effects bullying can have a person. The effect could vary on the type of bullying subjected to that individual but the lasting effects are always detrimental.
Bullying effects a person’s character development
A recent study proves that a person can still be effected by bullying even after four decades. This shows how bullying effects the development of a child’s character. It is shown that victims of bullying carry those feelings of doubt and insecurity about themselves through adulthood. This will often lead to suicidal thoughts and long term depression. Children who are bullied often have low self-esteem which they with them to adulthood. Would you want this to happen to you?
Bullying effects a person’s socialising skills
Bullying could leave the victim feeling withdrawn from society and have a negative view on socialising. The victim of bullying often feels inferior and in doubt within society. This often leads to the victim being bullied again .The victim is often being left out of social norms and has a negative view on socialising. Bullying also makes the victim unable to overcome feelings of despair and subsequently lack the skills of social integration which means the idea of making friends becomes near enough impossible. This is because bullying changes the mentality of a person, by falsely making them believe that they are, always not worthy of attention. It is a very sad situation to be in.
Effects the person’s studies and academic background
Over thousands of students are absent and miss school on a daily basis across the country because of the residing fear of being bullied. Bullying is a major concern in school institutions as students do not reach their maximum potential and ability when they are not in a safe and friendly environment. Bullying in a school makes the student feel afraid and despise the idea of attending school. Consequently, significant qualifications such as GCSE and A-level grades take a hit which means the prospect of progressing onto University becomes bleak.
Suicide rates
A recent study shows that 50% of suicides cases amongst the younger generation are related to bullying. Suicidal thoughts are the most severe effects of bullying. Many young children and adults alike have taken their lives because of being traumatically bullied in school. In recent news a young boy of only twelve years committed suicide after being subjected to harsh bullying after joining a new secondary school two weeks prior to his unfortunate death. The young boy was found hanging in his bedroom. There can be many factors leading up to suicide such as depression, low self-esteem and feeling worthless, are all feelings which are stimulated by bullying. Could you live with the guilt of knowing that you led someone so far? No? Then speak out against bullying before it is too late.
Psychological effects of bullying
There are many psychological effects which bullying has on a person. Bullying effects a person psychologically as it makes them believe that they are in the wrong even if there’s not an explanation for it. It is like being in a constant state of doubt It makes them believe that they are worthless. This often leads to the victims developing depression and anxiety. To overcome symptoms of depression and anxiety many people take medication or consume alcohol. This can lead them to abusing these substances and relying on them on a daily basis, turning them into monsters of stress and anger. Also the psychological effects could be that victims of bullying turn to self-harm. Self-harm is deliberately punishing and hurting oneself in order to express their feelings of hurt and anger; a cry for help in other words
Personal experience
One of my close friends developed all these psychological effects at an early age in his life. He was bullied because of the appearance of his ears. Joking turned into teasing, teasing turned into swearing, and swearing turned into physical violence. Still he kept quiet. He was told many times that he was a freak and he should go kill himself. This in turn made him very depressed and suicidal. I would often ask him about the unexplainable cuts all over his arms. He would just shrug in response. He was publically shamed as a video of him was put onto social media. The video went viral and gained attention of all the people of the community. He was labelled as the beast of Birmingham. After the video was posted he went missing for weeks. No one could find him. After two months he was found. He had hung himself under a bridge. His well-known pair of ears were cut off with a pair of blunt scissors. This is just an example of the severity of bullying. Shocking isn’t it?
What you can do
Anyone can help eradicate bullying and make a big impact on a person’s life. Do not be a bystander, whether the bullying is in a school or online. If you witness bullying stand up to it or tell a teacher. You won’t be considered a “snitch” or “tell-tale”, just think of it as saving someone’s life. You’ll be a hero.