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Argumentative Essay About Sleep

Most people will agree that in the modern lifestyle, social and economic demands require one to cut back on sleep to achieve more or have better financial benefits. Although the sleeping patterns are natural and most people follow a certain fashion of sleeping such as during night, the sleep periods are different depending on age or other factors.

Today’s human lifestyles have demands that forces people to alter/regulate the sleeping patterns for better social economic benefits. Majority of us consider that consequences of depriving ourselves some sleep are justifiable due to material gains.

Statement of intentions I often suffer from taut financially demands/situations, which forces a reaction of regulating or managing my sleep patterns. Time management is an integral part of life that promotes my social-economic development. This argumentative paper supports the act of using depressants during sleep time to ensure alertness, particularly during daytime in order to meet economic and other social demands.

The paper also holds up the notion that, today it is important to control the sleeping patterns, to conform to the lifestyle demands. Various depressants thus assist in boosting alertness in order to meet my diverse social demands. The drugs are mainly used generally to reduce the sleep delays, thus enabling one to utilize sleep-time to the maximum.

Arguable Position I often use powerful depressants to overcome sleep-time delays, and thus utilize the shortened sleeping time to meet the next daytime demands especially work demands that cause fatigue easily. The depressants also assist in avoiding insomnia and time taken to fall into sleep or other common sleep interruptions.

Taking the depressants ensures that I utilize the limited sleep-time maximally, for instance 4 or 5 hours is enough, in order to meet the next day’s work demands. I also utilize the weekend’s extra time and sleep more or compensate the weekdays’ accumulated sleep debts.

According to Dement and Vaughan in “Sleep Debt and the Mortgaged Mind” there are depressants meant for giving support to people who experience sleeping difficulties especially the elderly, since sleeping difficulties emerge with age or due to body disorders such as insomnia or delayed sleeping patterns (460).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The depressants may have various side effects such as changing the chemical state of one’s body, when used in excess. The drugs are also addictive when used over long period of time (Dement and Vaughan, 460).

There are a set of sleeping rhythms that determine body functions such as alertness or jet lags, which are often experienced due to change of sleep pattern.

In their writing named, “Sleep Debt and the Mortgaged Mind”, Dement and Vaughan indicate that understanding the effects of sleep indebtedness and processes of managing the problem can assist in improvement of the daily progress, and thus avoid injuries associable to insomnia such as diminished lifestyles (537).

However, our daily activities are dynamic and too demanding such that our sleep patterns keep experiencing the lapses.

Depressants ensure that time is not wasted before falling asleep thus guarantees that the body remains alert during daytime. Most people want to have more day activities because they need to work as much as possible, while sleep as little as they can, especially those on contract basis.

My personal work patterns I am compensated on contractual basis, meaning, “My input determines the output”. I always work a couple of extra hour whenever possible every night due to timed demands from clients.

I feel that compromising the extra hours enables me to meet the requirements particularly due to expectation for timely delivery, and this does not really affect my daily routines as long as I catch some good sleep preferably uninterrupted hours.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Argumentative Essay About Sleep specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More I have never suffered from any notable relapse such as moodiness, poor performance logs, lower energy levels or poor alertness but from time to time, I use the depressants. I therefore strongly disagree with the concept that slight alterations of sleeping patterns can affect the ability to think and respond accordingly during the day.

The slight sleep deprivation is compensated by the quick body reaction to sleep during bedtime. There are thus no chances of suffering from cardiovascular difficulties, lowered energy levels or poor physical health.

It is possible to work with diverse sleep schedules but one requires various adjustments to accommodate the natural body reactions. It does not take long before fitting a chosen pattern, and the pattern only lasts a couple of days before further adjustments.

The most important fact about sleep lies on the quality. Depressants assists me to have an uninterrupted sleep, thus the reason why I need only a few hours as opposed to 8 or 9 hours sleep session that are full of sleep–related anguishes. Any extra sleeping hours do not count as a compensation but lost time.

Lastly, I always make up the lost time by clearing some of the accumulated sleep with long weekend sleep patterns. In line with Dement and Vaughan’s discoveries, this is good way of compensating piled up sleep (460). Contrary to findings, the depressants assist to accommodate any form of sleep change whenever I need to adjust for or from a weekend schedule.

Counterarguments Justification of Depressants

We compromise sleep in many ways, yet just like the exercises or nutrition, sleep is an essential quantity of life, which determines healthiness and happiness of a person.

According to Martin, the quality of work has direct relation to quality of sleep that one gets (462). Sleeping requires strict planning as opposed to following daily procedures as a measure of enhancing better productivity, creativity due to mental sharpness, emotional harmonization, and physical vitality.

Understanding Sleep

In line with Epstein, sleep does not mean shutting down the functioning of the brain to rest, the brain remains busy and ready to oversee a variety of biological upholds such as refreshing the active cells in preparation for next day’s tasks (471). Lack of enough hours of sleep therefore means that we compromise the level of communication; therefore, it is not possible to work, learn or communicate effectively as required by one’s honest potentials.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Argumentative Essay About Sleep by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In proportion to Epstein conjecture, lack of sleep is the main cause of both mental and physical breakdown. Sleeplessness is the root cause of serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, high blood sugars, high blood pressure, obesity and premature deaths (471).

People think that shortening the sleep time to archive better success is essential to the degree of enhancing better economic overturns. The acts eventually affect our social-economic lifestyles due to poor performance or failures associable to fatigue.

The current social and economic demands are causing people to choose between productivity requirements and health needs. The required amount of sleep determines quality and quantity of work eventually improves, therefore skimping the sleep or disarrays activities are highly discouraged (Epstein, 471).

Conclusion Although various research findings indicate that seven sleeping hours per night are the standardized specifications for adults, it is possible to have a four, five or six hour sleep session without any possible chronic effect associable to sleep deprivation Dement and Vaughan (471).

Depressants can assist in adjustments of the sleeping patterns. Every person has his/her unique pattern as well as requirements for sleeping.

The amount to sleep requirements does not necessarily translate to the optimal requirements, although it feels better when one spends an extra hour in bed. As long as I feel fine and energetic during my daily routines, then the sleeping pattern and time is in good health.

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The Leaders, Their Characteristics and Traits Essay

Nursing Assignment Help It is believed that the end result of every activity is determined by the way of the leadership style. Leadership is a mere word which requires a lot grace to achieve it. Due to lack of leadership style, many activities have ended up to a fall.

It is said that leadership style manipulates the height of motivation. On the other hand, in lifetime, man’s inspiration is categorized by the leadership style he/she is under. This is why leadership and motivation go hand on hand.

Leadership style depends on the leader who is leading the organization. It is examined that if a leadership is poor, it affects both the organization as well as the members of staff. The research done adds to say “Command-and-control leadership drains off ambition while members of staff responsibility increases ambition”. Command and control leadership is the prime style in every culture.

This is accepted because of its efficiency that is created the cyclic actions hence coaching people on how to deal with change. In many organizations, the management is influenced a lot by the way of leadership styles. Many changes brought by leadership are causing both balance and imbalance in organizations hence causing instabilities and later a fall of the organization.

For this reason, you will find members of the staff are not all who with stand the leadership style brought by their leader. The reason behind this is that leadership style can either motivate some members or abusing others. It is for these reasons why a good leadership is required.

What makes a good leader is laid on the organizational perspective. Mounting leadership prospective involves corresponding personality aptitudes with organizational necessitate, and build talents that both improve appearance and play to traits power.

The organization perspective enables the strength of a good leadership like Quick Thinking, Responsibility, Teamwork, and Strength among others. In order to retain a good leadership, you must make sure you have adhered to these factors.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In building up a good leadership, some characteristics should be adhered to. First you must be someone who can raise opinions which will favor every member of the organization.

Secondly you must be someone who can establish the moral structure within an organization. This builds up a cool environment in the organization hence generating trust and honesty to the members who in turn carry out your vision. It is also said that in order to be a good leader you must be a developer.

This brings about generating an exhilarating place of work and learning. Finally to be a good leader must be integrators. This helps in cooling down any alarming situation in the members hence improving the standard of the environment.

In 1954, Raymond Cattell, the leader in the field of traits evaluation, came up with the leadership potential equation. Although the equation was based on militaries leaders, is nowadays used to find out the traits which characterize a potential leader.

So far, a number of effective traits of a leader have already been indentified. To start with, a superior leader is required to be capable to stand frustration and stress.

In general, they are required to be stable and have the psychological maturity to handle anything that happens to face them. Second, a good leader must be aggressive and influential and generally enjoy every overcoming obstacle. It is also said that a good leader should not only be active but the activeness should be seen by everyone. In general, they must be quick and alert.

A good leader should also be conscientiousness, social boldness, tough-mindedness, self-assurance and finally compulsiveness. If all these traits are in the leader, definitely without any doubt he /she will be a perfect leader.

We will write a custom Essay on The Leaders, Their Characteristics and Traits specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Away from these traits, today’s leaders must also capture traits which will assist them in inspiring others and piloting them in innovative directions. Leaders of tomorrow must also be capable to envisage the future and induce others that their idea is worth successive.

This statement is supported by the strong work force of the personality traits like high energy, mellowness, sympathy, and magnetism. These personalities’ traits play a great role in shaping the capable and the incapables in leading others.

In doing all these, there should also be given the room of understanding that the world is changing with new technology and ideas especially leaders who are highly knowledgeable.

Conclusion It is believed that the end result of every activity is determined by the way of the leadership style. Leadership is determined by how the leader is trained. If the leader is not qualified then the organization in which he/she is supervising won’t grow. It is also said that the members of the organizations will as well not enjoy in their duties.

Good leadership is required in every organization for its growth. Both the good characteristics of the leaders and the traits help a lot to determine the growth of the organization. If a good leadership is adhered every organization will enjoy its fruits.