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Angelas Ashes Book Analytical Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

Relationship Between Frank and His Parents


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Introduction The novel Angela’s Ashes is written by Frank McCourt. The novel is so moving to an extent that it makes the person who reads it experience sad moments on the author’s life during his childhood. The author tries to create a picture on how poverty encountered his family during his childhood. He also tells on how his family survived amidst filthy rags, shortage of food, poor health and above all getting some infections. The head of the family in this case the father seams to be so alcoholic and the children are seen to vanish.

Relationship Between Frank and His Parents Despite their encountered on poverty Franks also had some misunderstanding on the relationship with his father who seemed to love him very much but unfortunately he could not provide any kind of help to his family and even take full responsibilities as a father. His father turned to be an alcoholic and Frank perceived that this is what is really taking away the money hence he developed some misunderstanding between him and his father.

However to some extent Frank was right when he observed the alcoholism of his father and noticed that it was contributing greatly to their unhappy lifestyle in Ireland. But Frank did not take it to be so rigid to him as well as the church. In its place he continued doing the very best at whatever he can to make ends meet. Frank spent nearly all of his early days in the slums of Ireland until he got to the age of 19 and went back to the United States

The kind of life Frank was raised in clearly reflects on his relationship with his parents. For frank it was like a journey of not an ordinary childhood and this made him to grow up being humble to an extent of helping some other less fortunate people on his telegram means without any charges and yet he was not expected to.

His mother also at some given point invited some unfamiliar people for a cup of tea. This to some extent also creates some feeling that the parents of Frank were just but indoctrinating their Children to make them believe in different religions apart from Catholic. They showed them that the Catholic religion had no deliverance but was like a disaster to them. This made Frank to be forced to take over the responsibilities of a parent of his own at his little age. He looked for a way to provide his family with funds.

Frank had very strong bonding relationship with his parents despite of the misfortunes. At some point Frank saw his father standing in a corner without shoes and yet the room was freezing and at this point he showed his natural kindness to him by giving him some raisin from his bun. This kind of relationship shows us how Frank made a decision to love his parents as he shared caring moments with them more especially his father.

The circumstances their family had been facing later improved following Margaret’s delivery. Margaret became the parents’ much loved child and hence this made their father to stop wasting funds on alcohol. However this happiness did not last for long since Margaret at his baby age died of pneumonia.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This made Franks mother to have some depression and his father again went back alcohol which intensified his general confidence and made him to conduct himself abusively. This is seen when he Stood at the middle a street and said ” tells the world to step outside, I am ready to fight and die.” (McCourt, 136)

At some point Franks father served at a Mass when he was still a child hence he took his time to teach his son Frank also everything he needed to know in order to become an altar boy just like him.

A part from his understanding and thoughts Franks father had some positive qualities. He told Frank creative stories and took him away to a planet of imaginations where he could not remember their hardships.

His father at long last went to work in England and left his family. Because Frank still loved his parents he took on his father’s responsibility. This is seen when he appears to have inherited his father’s thoughts the way he used to make stories which he also in the same way told to his brothers. In addition to that he told them of his adventures.

Frank without delay started becoming the family’s main source of income. Although he still suffered from uncomfortable eyes, he began to earn some funds. This shows that indeed Frank had learned a lot from his father’s mistakes. Frank took good care of his mother and made sure that she was always comfortable and treated reasonably

His father still never stopped drinking was still an itinerant he kept on drinking while in America as well as England. He forgot about his family and desired for harmony in his moribund years. However Franks father returned back home after some time. At some point when he returned he could say that “there was a pox on all their houses,” and then make some conversation with the women from the town of Anderson. (McCourt, 11)

The only thing that Franks Father had changed was that he no longer smoked or even laid a hand on alcohol and this was the positive end that even Frank had to learn from. However as soon as he turned into a better life, Franks father took his last breathe in the Royal Hospital by the name Victoria

We will write a custom Essay on Angelas Ashes Book specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion In conclusion I can say that Frank had a good relationship with his parent despite the many challenges he faced in life. He was so loving, careering, forgiving, faithful and merciful. Some of his good characters he acquired them from his parents.

Work Cited McCourt, Frank. Angela’s Ashes. 1st ed. USA: Scribner, 1999. Print.

Club IT’s Supply Chain Management Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Club IT, is a downtown music store, managed by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada ( Even though the business is running as laid down in the organizational mission and vision, there are some issues, which Ruben and Lisa are facing with the conduct of the business and these problems hinder the progress of the company. An analysis of the problems reveals that

(I) The Company do not have advanced information systems due to which the company is facing lot of issues. While every other company in the industry is working with advanced information systems Club IT has not thought about instituting any advanced systems to provide the management with the information required for decision-making. This necessitates the company to introduce several advanced information systems to enable the company to manage its resources efficiently.

(II) The company also lacks in technological capabilities, which are vitally important for effective management of information resources. The company needs to invest in sophisticated hardware and software to improve its performance.

(III) Dealing with the suppliers and guests is another major area where the company needs improvement to be carried out forthwith. Presently the company uses the traditional methods of contacting the suppliers and guests through telephone which most of the times proves to be inefficient and does not produce the desired results. Managing supply chain is important for the success of any business (Wailgum, 2008).

Since Club IT currently is placed in a position to meet the challenges of competition from the other enterprises operating in the community, it has decided to take the support of information and communication technology to sustain its growth and profitability. Use of technology is most likely to increase the competitive ability of the Club and enhanced market share. It will also ensure customer loyalty. This paper looks at some of the technological tools, which Lisa and Ruben can employ to meet the challenges outlined.

The wireless order-taking system is one of the tools that Club IT can think of installing to its increase Return on Investment (ROI). The main advantage with the system is that the Club can manage its reservations more efficiently and it can ensure a proper ordering system.

Another advantage with the system is that there will be significant saving to the Club in the costs of operations, as installing the system implies that the Club IT can have lesser number of staff than earlier. The Club can discontinue to use the materials, it was using earlier for booking orders. This is expected to result in additional profit with a lesser payback period of less than 2 years.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More ROI on any investment is calculated by dividing the gains realized/to be realized from the investments/proposed investments by investments/proposed investments. The installation of a wireless order-taking system will have a positive impact on the earnings of the Club IT, by reducing the number of waiters by one. Therefore, the investment in wireless order taking system will enable Club IT earn higher returns and increase the value to the stockholders.

NPV Net Profit Value (NPV) is one of the renowned methods to evaluate any investment in capital assets. NPV is the difference between the present value of the expected cash inflows from the capital investment and the present value of cash outflows because of investment in the project/machine. The purpose of using NPV is to assess the financial feasibility of a capital investment.

In the present scenario, Club IT while implementing wireless order-taking system has to incur additional expenses on installation of the system.

In addition, the Club has to spend money on to purchase the program applications and the cost of maintaining the system in the form of payments to the support staff. There will be cash outflows upon installation of the system and for maintaining and updating the system every year.

Correspondingly, there will be increase in the cash inflows, as the Club will expand and grow because of its efficient operation using the wireless order-taking system. The Club will be able to adopt effective and efficient strategies to achieve the desired growth and profitability. Therefore, it is considered safe for Liza to install the wireless order-taking system in Club IT.

Executive dashboards are another investment in technological capabilities by Club IT. These are data driven software products, installed with the main objective of the monitoring the progress of the business (Garrett, 2006; Public Works Online, 2010). Executive dashboards function to analyze the input data and produce key indicators for assessing the performance of the business.

The indicators include revenue, level of earnings and costs, which are vital information for enabling informed decision-making by the management. There are certain key factors, which need to be considered in the acquisition of a dashboard application. These factors include the type of monitoring and control needed and the efficiency and reliability in terms of accuracy of outputs.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Club IT’s Supply Chain Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Foundation Software’s Executive Dashboard and Ecora Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard are two of the executive dashboards the Club IT can consider to invest (Ecora, 2008). Both of the applications cater to several requirements of the clients and processing of varied data. With the use of these systems, Club IT can meet various requirements of legal compliance.

Foundation Software’s Executive Dashboard is equipped to provide complete financial information of the Club, which will enable Ruben and Lisa in the planning and allocation of available resources and to maintain liquidity to meet any exigencies.

System analysis is the process of examining business issues, which can be addressed by implementing IT solution. The suggested technological applications can solve the business issue of the sale of tickets by Club IT. The Club can track the information of the clients who purchased tickets and store such information for further processing.

Once the input information is presented in graphical method, it will be easier to observer trends, which will facilitate efficient business decision-making. The stakeholders involved are the employees, owners and the customers.

The system development cycle consists of 8 phases, which the project must go through. First, is the feasibility study to ascertain the economic and technical feasibility undertaken at the time of system investigation. In the next phase of the system analysis, the problems and possible solutions will be analyzed.

The system design phase involves working out the required functions of the new system, based on the expected deliverables. The next phase in the system development cycle is the programming where it is necessary to acquire and install correct software with the desired capabilities.

Testing is the next phase undertaken to ensure that the system works without any errors and output data is accurate. The Club will then proceed to install and use the new system. Maintenance of the system is the last phase, during which debugging and updating of system will be undertaken regularly.

References Ecora, (2008). Ecora Auditor Professional Executive Dashboard. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Club IT’s Supply Chain Management by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Garrett, Robert, (2006). Executive Dashboards, Smart Business Network Inc. Web.

Public Works Online, (2010). Executive Dashboard. Web.

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