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Analysis of the Article: Importance-Performance Analysis as a New Attempt to Satisfy Citizens’ Needs Analytical Essay

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Introduction Public administration is one of the first fields that take care of citizens’ interests and discontents which may appear. There are many investigations which aim at comparing and evaluating the worth of importance-performance analysis with the help of which it is possible to define the major needs of citizens based on the activities of the local government.

Gress van Ryzin and Stephen Immerwahr are the authors of the article that is published in Public Administration journal and devoted to the two approaches by means of which the above-mentioned importance-performance analysis may be learnt.

The point is that the chosen approaches demonstrate different results, it means that the stated importance approach and statistically derived importance approach have different impacts on the field of public administration and it is very important to consider citizens’ survey data all the time if the analysis of local government services take place.

The main purpose of this article is to investigate deeply the approaches which help to understand citizens’ satisfaction and to define the services which are more appropriate under the particular government.

Body At the beginning of the article, the authors admit that the already offered investigations have dealt with the importance-performance analysis and the two approaches of stated and derived importance. However, the quality of the comparison is not credible, this is why some improvements are required.

With the help of opportunities available, it seems to be possible to contrast the approaches under consideration by means of the stimulation of the citizens’ satisfaction that is resulted from the current activities demonstrated by the local government. To achieve better and clearer results, it is necessary to attract as many participants as possible and investigate thoroughly their attitude to the changes around.

The quality of the research described in the article may be checked: the figures offered by the authors and the evaluation of the responses from the survey become one of the most reliable evidence in this work. It is not for the author to provide the reader with the numbers. What they want is to introduce the achievements and describe how they influence the sphere of public administration.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As it has been already mentioned, importance-performance analysis aims at evaluating citizens’ satisfaction from the activities of the local government. The activities are predetermined by the current conditions which are of changeable nature, this is why to get clear results, new investigations are required.

The investigations offered in the article under analysis prove that public administration has to take a number of steps. The derived importance approach undergoes some doubts and misunderstandings based on unclear indicators of length and costs of the survey. And the stated importance approach seems to be simplest for the reader to rely on.

Conclusion In general, the article by van Ryzin and Immerwahr plays an important role in the sphere of public administration and the evaluation of the conditions under which citizens have to live. It is not always possible to choose the most appropriate approach and evaluate the data gathered.

The authors of this article prove that several proper investigations and the attention to each aspect of the importance-performance analysis may result in a successful identification of the approach that will be accepted by the public and used to improve the ratings of citizens’ satisfaction that is based on the activities of the local government.

Waterproof Sunscreen Lotions Report

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Introduction Vitamin D is one of the vital diet requirements which is absorbed through the skin and prevents the formation of rickets among human beings. Therefore, exposure to the sun is always very healthy. However, lately people have discovered that due to the depletion of the Ozone layer (due to addition of greenhouse gases), human beings are now exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays known to cause sun burns, premature wrinkling of the skin and also the dreadful skin cancer.

To prevent the skin cancer and other side effects, there have been campaigns of using waterproof sunscreen lotions such as the Sunblock which is a product that provides a coating on the skin which prevents sun burns and sun damages (Cooper 121).

To prevent early exposure of their children to the harmful Ultraviolet rays, parents have been applying sunscreen lotions to their bodies but despite the good functions that these lotions serve at protecting people skins, if used carelessly it can lead to disaster. For example if a waterproof sunscreen lotion enters into a child or anyone eyes, it is hard to remove them using water since they are water proof and if there is reluctance in contacting the doctors, it can cause permanent blindness.

Summary Description Waterproof sunscreen lotions are good at protecting your child against skin cancer which can be caused by the exposure to the sunlight, but while many people use the lotions in their day to day life, it is important to note that there are negative repercussions if the lotions are not used well. As shown in the case of the parent who applied a waterproof sunscreen lotion on his son and without knowing the son got some into his eyes before it had dried, most likely from his hands.

The sunscreen lotion caused irritation and the child cried since it was hurting but the use of water to help ease the irritation could not work since the lotion was waterproof. When he called the Poison Control Centre and explained what had happened, they told him to take the child to Emergency Room where on arrival without wasting time, they applied some chemicals in the boy’s eyes to dilute and remove the waterproof sunscreen.

For the first time, the parent realized that people do lose their eyes from the effects of waterproof sunscreen as it burns the eyes completely and although his son lost his eyesight for two days, at least he was lucky to recover fully.

The parents later called the sunscreen company and informed them about the problem, where the management admitted the problem but they said skin cancer was more serious than blindness thus the continued ignorance. They also argued out that they can’t warn the parents because their products would lose market due to fear. The parent then suggested that they should thus change the ingredients used in making the lotion.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To show the seriousness of this matter, the parents did a huge article warning other parents of the danger their kids were exposed to when using the waterproof sunscreen lotions but knowing that waterproof sunscreen use could not stop, they warned them not to stop using it but just be careful that their kids don’t touch their eyes at least for 15 minutes after applying and if done accidentally they should always contact Emergency Rooms at once.

Explanation The article is trying to warn other parents who apply lotions to their children of the impending disaster they expose their children to if not applied well or if the sunscreen lotion got into the child’s eyes.

This is clearly given by the situation the writer found himself in when his son touched his eyes with the waterproof sunscreen. Even after trying to apply water in the boy’s eyes nothing seemed to work and he had to contact the Poisons Control Centre who directed him to visit the Emergency Room immediately as his son could be in danger of loosing eyesight.

To make sure that every parent got this information, the parents did a huge article on the matter in the city, and then visited several newsrooms warning the parents of the risks involved though informing them not to stop using the lotion but use it carefully.

Comment With the parents having been warned, there is likelihood of reduced use of the waterproof sunscreen lotion. Parents might shift to using sunscreen lotions which are not water proof as water can help in diluting the chemicals before reaching the hospitals for proper medication and thus reducing the adverse effects.

The parents are also likely to be more careful in the roles they play on their children upkeep because if not careful, poor storage of certain substances such as the waterproof sunscreen can lead to grave dangers to the children who might use them carelessly without knowing.

Evaluation The text is persuasive due to the fact that the author of the article states that to show the seriousness of the matter, he contacted the sunscreen company and enquired why they produced substances which they knew were dangerous if carelessly used without warning the users.

We will write a custom Report on Waterproof Sunscreen Lotions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The parents went further and did a huge article in the city warning against the same, and finally visited newsrooms warning the parents of the risks involved. However, this persuasiveness is lost when he informs the parent not to stop using the sunscreen they be just careful that it never find its way in their children eyes.

Conclusion It is healthy and important to use waterproof sunscreen for protection against cancer which results from sun exposure but it is also advisable to use water proof sunscreen carefully as its contact with sensitive body organs, such as, the eyes can lead to cases of blindness if not attended on time.

Work Cited Cooper, Donald. Fundamentals of Search and Rescue. New York: Jones