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American Art Creation Importance Essay

In modern globalized world, scientific and technology improvements have resulted in diffusion of culture among communities; when a community’s culture is diluted, chances are that originality of artifacts of its cultural heritage will be distorted (Hillls, 2001). The American art industry has been influenced by European styles; this paper discusses why it is important for artists to shed the European influence and create American art.

Discussion Artists communicate to their target population through the products they make; with this in mind, if they are to communicate with the Americans effectively, they need to use artifacts that the Americans can understand. Every society has its unique way of communication through symbols, signs, and arts; when artists’ works remain original, they make work of art that creates a sense of belonging with the Americans and the end result is better communication.

When an art-piece is made unique, it stands out among other, the value of the artwork is enhanced when its stand out with its unique message. The value may be monetary or the attachment that it is going to get from the people. Americans have some historical events, occurrences, valuables, and artifacts that define their culture; when originality and influence from the European style is maintained, then artists will be seen to add more value to the Americans heritage (Wienand, Booy

Strategic Management: The Case of Nike, Inc. Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction


Marketing Environment and Success Strategy

Drivers to Superior Performance

Strategic Management Tools

Marketing Strategy and International Markets

Competitive Advantage and Value Creation



Introduction Nike Inc. is an international company based in the United States, which deals with sportswear and other apparels. The company is ranked as the top seller of sports shoe and clothing. Nike was started in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, but was later changed to Nike in 1978. During that time, its main goal was to produce low cost, high quality shoes for Americans to break Germans control over domestic trade (Nike, Inc., 2009).

Today, Nike not only distributes its products domestically, but also all around the globe. It has market regions in continents such as Asia, Europe, and United States. Besides, Nike has produced many brands such as Nike Skateboarding and Nike Pro. This paper focuses on the Nike Company and the strategic methods and tools that have led to its superior performance.

Products According to Peters (2009), Nike produces a wide range of products, which are categorized according to their relevant sports. Nike’s first products were track shoes, which were meant for running: the company has managed to design and produce shoes for different games such as baseball, hockey, football, basketball and Cricket.

This is due to the ever-increasing number of customers favoring the company’s products. The latest product that has been produced is the Cricket shoe named as air zoom Yorker (Nike, Inc., 2009). Air Zoom Yorker is better because it is 30% lighter as compared to the one designed by Reebok. Another new product is air Jordan XX3, which is meant for basketball.

Additionally, as a company that relies on collaborative marketing, Nike together with Apple Inc. has designed a product that is able to check runner’s performance through a radio device, which is placed inside the shoe and is connected with the iPod nano. Nike has also produced shoes that contain flywire and lunarlite foam meant to make the shoe lighter.

The Nike sports brand records the mileage, lost calories, and time used. According to Mintzberg, Ahlstrand, and Lampel (2005), product differentiation and market segmentation form the basis for strategic management in marketing. In this light, meeting customers’ demands has been the strategic objective in Nike’s plan.

Marketing Environment and Success Strategy Dess and Alan (2006) affirm that the marketing strategy used by Nike is an essential element for its success. It has enticed its customers through advertising with a slogan ‘Just Do It’. Nike has also teamed up with athlete celebrities through sponsorship agreements. It has many elements of advertising such as advertising through television.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The first advert was created by Wieden and Kennedy at New York marathons. Similarly, Nike has also won Emmy Awards for commercial advert. The advert that won the award was based on what an athlete could face if there was Y2K realization on 1 January 2000.

The second commercial advert was called ‘move’, which marked the famous athletes. In product promotions, Nike pays players to wear their products such as t-shirts, shoes and shorts in order to advertise them. Such players include Michael Jordan, and through him, the promotion has boosted Nike’s publicity and sales. It also sponsors many football clubs in Brazil, Netherlands and United States.

Golf players like Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie have also benefited from the sponsorships. Nike also sponsors high school basketball and has developed websites for various sports such as (Johnson