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A Closer Look at the History of the Colonial America Reflective Essay

Learning history is essential for understanding of the better world and structure of the society we live in. A lesson in history is a great journey to the past. One can learn many interesting things about the history of his/her country, famous people and events.

It is a chance to learn from others’ experience and a great opportunity to share your opinion with other students. There are hundred topics that one can be interested in during the course of study. As for me, the period of the colonial history of the United States is one of the most interesting and thought provoking.

Before learning this topic, I did not pay attention to that “page” in the history of the USA. However, the information I heard in class was really a starting point for my exploration of this topic. After these classes, I began searching for more information in order to learn more about the topic.

So, there are several reasons why I find this topic interesting. First of all, it is very important to know the history of your country. The second reason is that learning of this period helped me better understand the structure of the modern society and obtain general understanding of national traditions. I know that a New World was a mixture of different European nations that lived close to each other and learned from each other.

It is always interesting to observe the process of assimilation of different cultures and it is very useful for understanding of your own culture. Where did you come from? Who were your ancestors? How traditions of your family were formed? And why we live in such society? The exploration of this period provides answers for all these questions. And it gives “a critical understanding of the nation’s past” (Brinkley 2).

As I have already mentioned, I became very interested in the topic of the colonial America. So, it is no wonder that I learned many new things and interesting facts. For example, I learned more about the Mayflower Compact. I learned that it is often considered to be one of the foundations of the Constitution of the United States.

I leaned about culture of the first colonists and I found out how they survived in the new world. One more interesting thing that I learned is that the majority of new colonists were escaping from the religious persecution. Those were simple people who wanted to find a better place to live.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Obviously, it is not very interesting to learn history form textbooks only. The additional materials should be used at the lessons. They really attract students’ attention to the study material. It is always more interesting to watch a historical movie or clip than simply read the information. When students are involved in different types of activities, their motivation raises and their ability to memorize information is better.

So, listening to the teacher’s lection, we train our aural memory, watching movie, we train our aural and visual memory. The same thing concerning the use of pictures and music… I believe that additional materials play a great role. When students see that the teacher is energetic and is also interested in the topic, they are encouraged and motivated to work during the lesson and during the year as well.

So, the teaching style is a very important condition for the students’ successful performance. Moreover, if students are encouraged to participate in discussions, they develop their critical and analytical thinking, practice their speaking skills and have a great opportunity to share their opinions.

I think that history classes are the best ones for such activity. Finally, during history classes we are often asked to read additional information on the particular topic. It is very useful for broadening of our intellectual horizons and acquiring new knowledge.

So, these classes really influenced on my views about history. I have already mentioned that I learned a lot of new and interesting information. I learned how to work with the textbook and how use additional materials in order to broaden my knowledge. Furthermore, I changed my vision of the history. Now I now that one should not believe everything wrote in the book. The point is that history is made by people and interpreted by people.

Different factors, including political ones, influence on the historical interpretation of a particular event. The task for every student is to learn the material, discuss it with other students and create personal opinion about the issue. I really thought that first colonists lived happily in the “New World”, however, there is nothing perfect in our life and they faced many challenges as adaptation to new environment, confrontations with other nations and civil wars.

Everything that our ancestors survived provided a basis for the modern society and we should appreciate everything they did for us, a future generation. So, history classes are valuable not only in terms of learning a new material, but in terms of philosophical and independent evaluation of the better world.

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Roles that political parties play and have played in American politics Essay

Nursing Assignment Help The American constitution did not advocate for political parties, but they came into existence in 1790s. Since then these two party systems have played a critical role in politics.

The main parties in the United States are two although there are other minor or third parties. The two main parties have dominated United States political system. It’s almost impossible to find a modern political system with only one party. Political parties have been realized to play very important roles in the society.

To modern nations political parties are very crucial. The two political party systems in the United States have contributed a lot in having a democratic nation. This has been achieved through having two or more parties contend in free elections. One party system cannot be termed as democratic. Political parties in America have brought citizens to the central government.

Moreover, the two party systems take major preferences into policies made by the government. This multi party system has also contributed in shaping the perception of the electorate towards the individuals who do politics under their titles.

The political parties present the citizens’ grievances, likes, and interests to the government. This has resulted to improved quality of democracy in America. The high cost incurred in elections, in parliament, and in government transactions are cut down by the presence of political parties.

These parties have also managed to deal with the predicament of collective actions. In the United States of America, political parties have been seen giving orders to the process of legislation and allowing voters to have something to hold to and can account for. It has been noted that without political parties legislative politics may be instable.

Thus why the legislators who desire to have their policies to be considered are encouraged to form a political party. Through the effort of the political parties, democratic organizations have become more effective in their performances. Political parties in America put efforts in putting both interests and demands of the citizens and direct them into the right channel.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The two party systems emerged in America to fight for a more democratic nation. A two party system is also a sign of modernization of a political system. This system has lasted for so long in the United States as they try to make the government more accountable in their responsibilities. The citizens are more contented with the two party system as the elected leaders are made more responsible for their actions during their serving term.

Through this most of the citizens preferences are addressed and given priority as important matters are discussed. Citizens appreciate the presence of a two party system as the opposing party keeps an eye on the government actions thus the citizens cannot be oppressed by the ruling party.

The two party systems in America are still running smoothly. This is as a result of the two parties making the government to lead people forward basing the facts that the opposing party can take over incase of violations in ruling. The two party systems makes a big nation to be represented by only two parties thus bringing the nation together though divided. On the other hand, these two parties divide the nation as the party leaders battle to take the government.

As far as the two party systems is leading to a more committed government the feeling of division among the citizens is still there. For instance, the Democratic Party that is currently ruling ought to be very careful in attaining the government set goals and objectives to satisfy the public. Failure to which, the Republican Party will be given the chance to rule the nation.